Family Reunion Ideas

Family Reunion Ideas

Family Reunion Ideas

Tips on how to plan a family reunion on a budget

Employment, marriage and education are the main causes of separation of families. When my cousin got married to a man from a different country, the family was sad since she had to move to her husband’s country, however all was not lost since we always have some family reunion and meetings where she comes together with her family. When children go to study in different country and are employed there, they end up spending most of their life away from home.  The increase in divorce cases has also greatly contributed to family separation. Family reunion ideas for those on a budget may not be as easy as most people think, especially if it involves extended family members. There are some things that you need to ascertain so that you can make a successful family reunion on a budget.

5 Family Reunion Ideas

1. Make a list of guest so as to know the kind of expenditure you will need to spend. To avoid spending too much on the budget, send emails or telephone calls to the members inquiring whether they will make it to the reunion. Cancel the names of the members who will not attend. While making the list of the guests, try to identify what age majority of the member are. This will help you know what kind of social activities and games you will plan for.

2. How long will the reunion last? This should be a question that you need to ask so that you will make a budget for the entire reunion. If the reunion is only for a single day, you will not need to involve accommodation, however if it involves a week, you will need to make accommodation as one of your budget item. Remember to include photography or video during the event.

3. Your main aim of making a budget plan is to ensure that all the guests are well served and that none of them feels that his or her needs have been neglected. Is it really possible to have a successful reunion with a low budget? This is the main worry for most people planning a family reunion budget. It is very possible to have a good reunion plan at a low budget. Here are some tips to help you out. If you are looking for accommodation for the guest, visit hotels and inns and compare their prices. Look for an inn that is comfortable for your guests yet not too expensive. Instead of spending too much money paying for inns and hotels for accommodation of your guests, you can meet in one of the member’s home or even the family house. Choose a member’s home that is big and spacious to accommodate your guests.

4. Most people would prefer to find caterers or restaurants that can supply food for the meeting; however, this may be an expensive venture. What if the members prepared the food themselves? I think it would not only be fun but also a great way of learning new cooking tips and skills that members have acquired from their interaction with the world. Let the members contribute finances to be used in the budget. Avoid making the costs too high as this will discourage most people. Come up with a menu that celebrates your family heritage or ask members to come up with the food recipe they would want to take. When all the members come up with recipes, combine the recipes to make a cook book that will be used to prepare food during the entire reunion. Remember to consider people with health problems such as diabetes while making the cook book.

5. In large family reunions, you will need to form a reunion committee to assist you in planning. Look for social activities that are fun and that fit the different ages of members. You can look for one social activity that the entire list of guests will enjoy despite their age. A good planning will lead to the success of the reunion. Take time to plan and avoid rush hour planning.

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