Fathers Day Gifts Ideas: Make Your Own Candy Bouquets

Fathers Day Gifts Ideas

Make Your Own Candy Bouquets

Candy Bouquet 2

I love sitting down to Make Your Own Candy Bouquets for almost every occasion and Father’s Day is no different. I have never met a dad who doesn’t like chocolate so a Candy Bouquet is the perfect gift to satisfy their sweet tooth when you don’t know what else to give them. Most Make Your Own Candy Bouquets normally call for a vase or fancy centerpiece but these are usually a little over the top for a Father’s Day Candy Bouquet so I would suggest a themed coffee mug or a commuter mug. Make sure that the theme is one they will appreciate so that it gets used and not shoved to the back of the cupboard. In just a few simple steps you can Make Your Own Candy Bouquets for Father’s Day and have a gift ready for giving. 

Make Your Own Candy Bouquets

Candy Bouquet 1

Supplies Needed

9 Full Size Candy Bars (More or less depending on how big or small you want to go)

      ***Be careful to check the weight of the candy bar because some candy bars are very heavy and are harder to keep attached.

      ***Do not use King Size as they are too heavy.

     *** You can use 18 Mini candy bars if you want a fuller bouquet.

Barbecue Skewers


Coffee Mug

Floral Styrofoam (Dollar Store carries)

Tissue Paper

 candy bouquet 3


Cut Foam to fit inside the coffee mug.

Cut skewers to different sizes.

Tape Candy Bars to skewers.

Insert skewers into the foam, placing the taller ones in the back and the shorter ones in the front.

Fold a piece of tissue paper in half and arrange around bottom of skewers to cover up empty space.

Give Candy Bouquet as Gift.