How to Avoid the Retail Walk of Shame

Wee Blessing Review

wee blessing review

I ask myself that question often. I wondered if there is clothes subscription service for teens? That was the question I had after sitting outside of a dressing room with my teenage son. Has anyone else been there? They do not want to be there. They do not want to try on anything. They want to grab things off the rounders and have you pay, but they have no idea if it fits. They do not care about your budget or the price. They do not care if it matches anything. They want what they want. Then they go home try it on and insist it fits when it doesn’t. That is the best scenario the worst is that it just sits in their drawer. You ask them after a week where is that ridiculously expensive pair of jeans I bought you last week? Why haven’t you worn them?

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They reply. I didn’t like them. You ask where they are? I do not know? Then after 15 minutes, they appear without the tags. You debate should you bring them back? What do you do when you get there? You decide for what they cost you will, in fact, do the walk of shame. You know the one where you have crumbled clothes without tags, and you have to ask for a refund. They offer you exchange and all you can think is nope. I am so not shopping for this teen again.

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I have a solution for the retail walk of shame. It is Wee Blessing. You can use my exclusive code MADAMEDEALS to receive 20% on your first blessing. This is how it works.

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You fill out your teen’s profile. You look in their laundry and determine what they wear. Yes, looking in their closet isn’t a clear indication. You find their size, figure out their style, and you note anything you know they do not like. Then you press the button, and someone else does your shopping. There are no trips to the store. The best part is they find the deal. I saved 20 %- 50% off retail and my son emerged in clothes that he liked. The best part is he would try everything on because we were home and I may have held the controller to the Ps4 until we were done. I knew right then and there if he liked what we got and if it fits. I love Wee Blessings they helped me dress my hard to please teen, they saved me money, and I didn’t have to spend my time in the store twice!

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Wee Blessing is the FIRST and ONLY subscription styling service offered for the entire family, including moms, dads, kids and teens. And don’t forget to use my exclusive code MADAMEDEALS to receive 20% on your first blessing. Check them out!