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Frugal Ways to Save


I have a frugal ways to save that involve spending money. I know that sounds strange but I am a shopper. The best tip I have for you to build your wardrobe without draining your pocketbook is to buy out of season. I also buy clothes at thrift shops and online. Did you see my list of Cheap Shoe Websites. It is an awesome frugal way to save. I give myself $20 a week to get the best deal on clothing. I love fashion I just can’t help myself. I figure we all have a vice and mine happens to be shopping luckily I can do it very inexpensively. I thought I would share what I bought for less than $20 this week.

frugal ways to save

The dress way $4.75 it is a Karimadon Dress and their dresses start at $18.00

The white skirt is Jcrew I paid $3.75 and they are usually around $79

The shirts are also jcrew and I also paid $3.75 and they are also around $79

The White Shirt is Island Company  is UK based company and their shirts are about $60- $75 US dollars and I paid $3.75

$16.00 total  retail $237 maybe more amount saved $221.00 not bad ha?

If you like my fashion tips I have tons of them in my Fashion Friday Column

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