Snow Day Activities

Snow Day Activities



Winter bring cold temperature and with it tons of snow for many regions. Last week we got tons of snow dumped on us in a short time and the kids ended up with several snow days. This was right after Christmas Vacation so they were already bouncing off the walls. Many people think they need to hole up in the house when the snow is falling but we are all about getting out and enjoying the weather. Check out all these fun Snow Day Activities. 

Before you begin these Snow Day Activities make sure you are bundled up and protected from the elements.

10 Fun Snow Day Activities

1. Make Snow Cream. Snow Cream requires fresh clean snow so I would recommend getting your snow before you begin these other from snow activities. No one wants to eat dirty snow.

2. Hula Hoop – Pull out these toys you normally use in the summer and take the Hula Hoop challenge with your winter layers. You will find it is a little more difficult than in your summer wear.

3. Build Snow Creatures – While everyone else is building snowmen, create your own snow creature and use bits of nature around you to add arms, eyes, legs, etc.

4. Decorate your yard with Ice Balloons –  This fun activity takes a little bit of patience, so it is great to start at the beginning of your day and finish at the end. You can also start at night and then reveal your surprise in the morning. Line these up along your walkway to welcome people to your home.

5. Blow Bubbles  – Pull out your bubbles and start blowing. Catch them on your bubble wand or solid surface and see how long it takes for them to freeze.

6. Have a Snowball Throwing Contest – Use a stick to draw a circle and a line to toss from. Stand behind the line and take turns tossing your snowballs towards the circle. See who gets the closest. If it is too easy move your line back farther.

7. Go Sledding – When it comes to snow day activities, sledding is one of my favorite. Head to the nearest snow hill and take turns racing down the side of the hill. Also see who can run up the hill the fastest.

8. Go Tubing – No hills available blow up those summer pool tubes and see who can move across the snow fast enough using only their feet. You can also run and land on the tube and see who slides the farthest.

9.Go on a Scavenger Hunt – Use old easter eggs or taken colored ice cubes and hide them around the yard in the snow. Send the kids out to find them. Plan a small prize for the person who finds the most.

10. Decorate your yard with Snow Paint – This is a fun way to keep the kid entertained during a time they can’t write on the sidewalk with chalk. They get a clean slate every time it snows and can keep bringing some color to the white landscape.

Do you live in a warm client and don’t see snow, create your own with our recipe for DIY Snow 

What are your favorite Snow Day Activities? Share them with us below in the comment section.