Gifts for a Traveler

Gift Ideas for People Who Travel

 gift ideas for people who travel

As you may have heard my husband met bed bugs. It wasn’t pretty and in fact most hotels do not have a policy when you meet them in the middle of the night. That’s why I made a list of must haves for a traveler. My gift ideas for people who travel are very useful and for sure they will love.

Gift Ideas for People Who Travel


Do you want to give something unique and memorable for someone who loves adventure and travel? Then why not Give Stories, Not Stuff with Tinggly.

Tinggly is the unique gift for anyone you know. You can buy an experience box for someone special with activities that they can do worldwide. They have hundreds of experiences to choose from: from diving with sharks, the world’s tallest bungee jump to the oldest yoga retreat in India and romantic Gondola in Venice. And there’s no rush, because they have 24 months to decide on their experiences for their trips. It’s a great opportunity to encourage friends and loved ones to take the leap, have fun, have an unforgettable adventure in different parts of the globe. Check them out here.

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This is the travel sheet I bought

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Then you need a wet and dry bag

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Get some packing cubes

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Hanging luggage scale

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Luggage set I love this one

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Jewelry roll

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Make up bag

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Toiletry Bag

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Trtl Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow

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J-pillow, Travel Pillow

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Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

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JetComfy Travel Pillow

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Cashmere travel blanket – You can’t help but sleep with this cashmere blanket it is the gift for someone who has everything

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or this travel blanket

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Luggage tag

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Backpack – I picked this one because it provides easy access to your laptop

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Bose headphones

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Plug set

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Swell bottle

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Space bags for traveling

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Eye patch

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Windbreaker from columbia

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Ipad keyboard

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Do you have other gift ideas for people who travel? Share it with us below.

Must Have Travel Essentials for Women

Make your travel more convenient by getting these travel essentials

Travel Essentials:

Rockland Luggage 2-Piece Set
2-in-1 Curler and Hair Straightener
Travelon Wrap-n-Rest Pillow
Zoppen Rfid Blocking Passport Wallet
Travel Adapter Universal Outlet
Compact Travel Umbrella
Oxa Handheld Garment Cleaner
12 Travel Size Magnetic Board Games
Travel Scarf with Zipper Pouch
M-Jump Travel Storage Bags
Contigo Stainless Steel Travel Mugs
Essential Oil Travel Keychain
Regalo Travel Toddler Cot
Fanci Mini Humidifier
Bagsmart Electronic Cables Organizer

Travel Toiletries:

Gillette Venus Travel Razor
Burt’s Bees 6-Pack Travel Essentials
Placker’s Micromint Flossers Travel Pack
Clinique Travel Size Facial Care
Travel Folding Toothbrush, 2 Pack

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