Great Vaseline Uses

Vaseline Uses

vaseline uses


Vaseline can be used for SO many different things! A lot of them you might not even have thought about, so I wanted to make a list of great Vaseline Uses! I love saving money, so products that have more than 1 purpose are always a plus! From beauty, to skin care, hair care and more, you can use Vaseline for so many different things! And the best part is that it’s cheap and you know exactly whats in it! 

Here are some great Vaseline Uses:

  1. Soften Skin- Have cracked elbows from the rough winter? Slap some Vaseline on it and rub in, it’s like a dream!
  2. Lipstick Check! Ever get lipstick on your teeth? Prevent it! Put a small dab of Vaseline on your teeth to prevent lipstick stains!
  3. Get a grip! Having a hard time opening your nail polish bottles? Put a dab of Vaseline under the cap, it will keep it from crusting up!
  4. Luscious Lashes- They claim you can put a dab of Vaseline on your lashes before bed that it promotes eyelash growth!
  5. No tan lines! If you are going in for a spray tan, prevent those awful streaks buy dabbing some Vaseline on your hands, feet, knees, and elbows, bam!
  6. Make your perfume last! Putting a dab on your wrist and your neck before spritzing on your perfume and it will last twice as long!
  7. Tame those split ends! One of my person favorite uses for Vaseline is rubbing a TINY bit of Vaseline between your hands then running your hands through the ends of your hair, prevents new split ends from forming!
  8. Say No to dyed foreheads! As someone who dyes their hair black, I know all too well the dreaded dye stained forehead. Rub some Vaseline around your hairline to prevent this!
  9. Get rid of that Razor Burn! Shaved a little too rough? A little Vaseline will help sooth the burn.
  10. It makes a great Exfoliate.Add some sea salt and scrub away! Wash it off in the shower and feel the smooth.
  11. Pluck away! Dabbing some Vaseline on your eyebrows before plucking them makes the hair slide out more easily.
  12. From Powder to Cream. Want a more dramatic look from your eye shadow?  Dab some Vaseline on your eyes before putting on your shadow and you will go from a powder look to a cream one!
  13. No more cracked cuticles! Winter does awful things to my nail beds, but a little dab on my cuticles will keep them nice and soft.
  14. Balm it! In case you didn’t know, Vaseline makes an awesome lip balm! Also, add a little flavored Kool-aid and make a scented lipgloss!
  15. Make up Remover- Vaseline also is awesome at removing last nights make up
  16. Highlight It! Used on your cheeckbones, Vaseline makes a great highlighter!
  17. Soften those feet! Rub your feet with Vaseline at night and put socks on, wake up with soft feet!
  18. Get it off! Ever had your fingers swell and you can’t get your rings off? Me too! Use a little Vaseline to help get them off a little easier!
  19. New Ink? Vaseline is the perfect thing to use on healing tattoos.
  20. Scuff be gone! Got scuffs on your shoes? Rub a little Vaseline on them, it will help!

What are some of your favorite Vaseline Uses?