How to handle Crazy people on social media

How to handle Crazy people on social media?

How to handle Crazy people on social media

Hi Friends,

What a week! I have made cupcakes for 75, gone to work out five days in a row, worked about 50 hours and dealt with crazy people on social media. I shall define crazy as someone who is unable to have a civil conversation. It is true that as a blogger I put my opinion out there. I do that for two reasons. The first is so you can get to know me. The second reason is that I truly like to have a good debate. I think it is a great way to learn. I guess it goes back to my days in high school. I was on the debate team, varsity at that. What I liked about debate in high school was there were rules for engagement. How I wish that on social media there were also rules for engagement.

In this world, you have the right to your opinion. You have the right to discuss your opinion. You have the right to offer facts to justify your opinion. What you do not have the right to do is call people names, threaten them, or harass them those are not your rights and as an adult you need to check your temper and get help if you have one.

We got into a heated discussion on my facebook page that I deleted when I was ready for bed. Because unless I am available to moderate the conversation and make sure that my Facebook fans follow my rule “attack the issue, not the person” I can’t have a post up that has a debate going on. I do not delete my posts for any other reason than I feel that I have to be available to make sure the debate stays on topic. Well, unfortunately, some people didn’t follow my rules and they took crazy to a whole new level. This is how I handle crazy.

If someone is harassing you on social media my suggestion are:

1) Put them on notice as to what your rules are and that you are not happy with their responses.
2) Ask them to leave or redirect them to do something else.
3) I suggest you take screenshots of the conversations before deleting or banning a person because people that are crazy will most likely contact you in other ways.
4) Gather evidence if you do not know this person. Google them, look at their social media account, and see if you have a mutual friend.
5) Ban them or delete them. You have the right to walk out of a room or hang up the phone just as you have the right to delete them on social media.
6) Do not invite more “crazy” meaning once you have banned the person do not engage with them. If they continue their crazy behavior, then look up your legal rights and get counsel. You can also report them to the social media you are on if you feel like you are in danger or if the are defaming your character. You have the right to protect yourself and your reputation.

This is a note for everyone who is in my profession as bloggers. Do not jump on the bandwagon. If you are not involved in a conflict do not get involved. You have a business online and participating in threads about people or using your social media to further “crazy” will only result in you looking like you are crazy. I have left many Facebook groups and have a list of bloggers I will not work with because of their willingness to get involved in crazy. This isn’t high school, this is your job, and you should stay away from “crazy”. I have declined jobs when I have seen others on them that I deem as unprofessional because I have worked hard and being associated with anyone that creates drama online will reflect badly on my brand. I love a healthy debate but lying, cursing, harassment, and threatening others is over the top. I believe if you need to resort to those tactics your case doesn’t have merit.

I do realize not everyone will always agree with you, in fact, several people on my team daily do not agree with my opinions, and I do not agree with theirs, but you know what we have never attacked one another. We have lively debates, and I believe we have all learned to see the world with someone else’s viewpoint. The truth is no one is 100% right. If you chose to listen but not hear then, you would miss out on a lot in the world. If you chose not to question then, you would miss out on far more.

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