Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

We all love to pamper our pets and sometimes the cost of buying Healthy Dog Treats at the store is too high. Often times we settle for a low quality dog treat because it is cheaper. However, you do not have to choose between what is healthy for your pet and what is good for your wallet with this collection of Healthy Do Treat Recipes. 


healthy dog treat recipes

Healthy Dog Treat Recipes

These recipes have all been created and tried out on my family of pets. I have not had any of my homemade Healthy Dog Treat Recipes be turned down by any of my 3 dogs. These treats have also been approved by family and friend’s dogs and our different foster dogs. The best part is you can make them at home and you know what goes in each recipe. The recipes can easily be doubled or cut in half if you do not need a large quantity of treats. I like that since I am in creating the treats, I can create some larger for my bigger dogs and smaller treats for my smaller dog. No need to buy separate packages at the store. I also have most of the ingredients in my house on a daily basis so that there is no need to run to the grocery store if I decide to bake up a snack.

Healthy Dog Treats

Dog Treats Apple Muffins

Dog Cake 1

Delicious Dog Cake 

Gluten Free Dog Snack

butternut Squash Dog Treats 1

Butternut Squash Muffin Treats

healthy dog treats 42

Oatmeal Peach Cookies

Low Fat Dog Treats

healthy dog treats

Doggie Apple Roll-Ups

Simple Gluten Free Dog Treats 


no bake healthy dog treats 1

No Bake Dog Treats 

healthy dog treats

Frozen Dog Treats

You can also keep your dog busy and entertained with these Healthy Dog Food Recipes to Stuff a Kong.

Make sure you are keeping them healthy by following this list of What Not To Feed Your Dog.

What Not To Feed Your Dog

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