Quick Weight Loss Tip – Learning to Stay Focused: No Cheating!

Quick Weight Loss Tip


Quick Weight Loss Tip

Learning to Stay Focused: No Cheating!

With my trainer out of town most of the week, I’ve spent most of my gym time on the treadmill staying focused on logging miles. I’ve even started running a bit which for me is a pretty big deal. Having dealt with arthritis in my knees for several years I was quite hesitant to run but have been pleasantly surprised that I am running and my knees do not hurt. My goal is to participate in a 5K in June which means I must prepare myself by conditioning my body now. I find that my body reacts differently to running than walking; it works harder which I think is a good thing.

One of the biggest obstacles anyone faces when taking on a new lifestyle or breaking the habits of a poor diet is sticking to it. Anyone who has ever made the decision to change their eating habits, lose weight, start exercising, etc. knows how difficult it is to stay on target. Making the decision I think is easy; the difficult part is sticking with it. Keeping our eyes on the prize (better health and fitness) can be difficult for various reasons. Parents with young children will find it difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan when life pulls you in multiple directions and quick drive thru meals provide convenience in a chaotic day. For those without children or a significant other will often find it easier to grab food on the go because cooking for one can be a time consuming chore. Whatever the reason (there are many more than the two I mentioned) it is easy to veer off the path of healthy living than to stick to it and reach our weight loss goals.

In the past several months I have been asked if I have cheated or taken “just one bite” of something unhealthy; the answer is no. In the past 142 days I have not veered off the path I set for myself. While it’s not easy for me to always make the right choice, I find that the longer I am on this journey the better I feel and the better I feel the easier it is to make the right choices. I believe that staying committed is not just about dieting; it’s about keeping a promise to ourselves. If we struggle to keep committed to a plan we set for ourselves, I wonder if we are able to stay committed to anything or anyone else.

What I have learned about staying committed, not cheating or giving in to that “just one little bite” mentality is that I am strong enough to say no. Will I ever eat fried chicken again? Gosh! I hope so. Will I ever eat a cheeseburger again? I’m sure I will. But for now, while the journey is new and my weight is not where I want it to be I must refrain from giving in to the “I deserve a treat today” attitude. Staying focused on the goals I set for myself is important. Listed below are a few tips that I use every day to stick to my plan and achieve my daily goals.

  • Set small goals; if the goal is too big or too long term you are likely not to stick to it.
  • Pack small portioned snacks for the day.
  • Do not carry cash or coins for the vending machines or quick stops at the corner store. Make it difficult to purchase those impulse snacks.
  • Pack your lunch; pack appropriate sized portions.
  • Avoid eating out; at least in the beginning. Too many choices can be detrimental.
  • Keep a full water bottle nearby; stay hydrated.
  • Stock your pantry with only healthy foods. If those in your family insist on snacks then create a separate out of the way place for their snacks and then don’t go there.
  • Develop a regular exercise plan. The more you move your body the better you will feel and the more focused you will become.
  • Stay positive.

I encourage you to eliminate the obstacles you can and those you can’t meet head on and conquer them. It’s not easy but it’s very worth the effort. Nothing will ever taste as good as being healthy and happy feel. And once you’ve reached your goal you will learn to maintain the healthy lifestyle while allowing yourself a treat once in a while.


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