Homemade Dog Food Recipes

It happened after 7 years hours of begging, pleading, promising, we brought home our newest family member.  We researched and we spent hours of our time trying to figure out what the best type of the puppy would be for our family.

We brought home Joy. She is so popular in our home that she has her own Instagram Our Beagle Joy.

She was a tiny bundle of energy. She bounced from person to person. She licked your face and opened the heart of even the most anti-dog person. We couldn’t just feed her what was found in a bag. We began to create homemade dog food recipes.

We found that making our own treats was a great way to save money. It also is a nice way to spend time together. I find that making food always creates memories. The best part of homemade dog food treats is once you get to know what your puppy likes you can use those ingredients in a recipe for them. I know our Beagle Joy likes almost anything that isn’t nailed down. I think that is the breed. She does tend to like things that she can chew on for a long time. I think the Kong fill recipe is one of her favorites for that very reason. She enjoys eating it. I highly suggest kong training if you haven’t heard of it. It helped us get her into her crate and stay there without whining.

These are a couple of Joy’s favorite dog food recipes. Please, share your dog’s favorite.