Jobs for Teens

Is your teen thinking about getting their first job? We asked people on Facebook about their first jobs to see if things have changed. Turns out, the good jobs for teens are pretty much the same. I remember starting my first job at a BBQ restaurant on my 16th birthday—it felt super cool to spend my own money without asking my parents! We made a list of awesome jobs for teens, so you and your teen can go through it together and figure out what might be a perfect fit!

Great Jobs for Teens

  1. Babysitter: If your teen is great with kids, babysitting is a solid choice! Whether it’s for family, friends, or new people, babysitting pays well, teaches important life skills, and is beneficial for everyone involved.
  2. Grass Cutting: Perfect for the summer, cutting grass is a good-paying job that gets them outdoors in the sunshine. It’s also a way to stay close to home.
  3. Fast Food: Many teens start at a fast-food place. It teaches essential life lessons like responsibility, dealing with people, handling money, and timing. Usually, you need to be 16 to work there.
  4. Retail: If fast food isn’t their thing, working at a store might be perfect. Similar benefits to a fast-food job, and there are various positions available, like cashier or stock assistant.
  5. Waiter/Waitress: Ideal for older teens (16-19). Good pay, great for learning people skills, and many restaurants can work around school hours.
  6. Kennel Assistant: For teens who love animals, being a kennel assistant is awesome! They get to take care of animals, feed them, and make sure they’re happy.
  7. Movie Theater: I worked at a movie theater when I was 16—it was super fun! They can work at concessions, the ticket booth, or on the cleaning crew. Plus, they get to watch new movies early. Unless they want to work late into the night, it’s a great weekend job for teens.
  8. Lifeguard: Better for older teens who love being outside. They’ll need to take a CPR training class, a useful skill for future jobs. It’s probably a summer-only job unless there’s an indoor pool or gym.
  9. Farm Hand: If there’s a local farm, it’s a great place to work. They can pick veggies, care for animals, and help with other farm tasks. It’s hard work but rewarding.
  10. Housekeeper: Cleaning houses is a skill they’ll always need. They can work for a company or for themselves with people they know.
  11. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter: If your teen loves pets but doesn’t want a full-time job at a kennel, being a dog walker or pet sitter is a great gig. They get to spend time with furry friends and earn some cash.
  12. Tutoring: If your teen is good at a particular subject, they can offer tutoring services to younger kids. It’s a great way to help others and make money.
  13. Freelance Graphic Design: If your teen has graphic design skills, they can take up freelance projects online. It’s a creative way to earn money and build a portfolio.
  14. Camp Counselor: Working as a camp counselor during the summer can be a blast. They get to spend time outdoors, organize activities, and make new friends.
  15. Online Content Creator: If your teen enjoys making videos or writing, they can explore being an online content creator. It could be on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or a personal blog.

These are just some cool jobs for teens, and there are probably others depending on where you live. What was your first job? Let us know in the comments below! Also, check out jobs for younger kids!

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