March 19, 2013

Kid Friendly Easter Craft: Skip the Eggs and Color the Cookies

Don’t Decorate Easter Eggs instead create this tasty Easter Craft.

Easter Craft-Decorated Great Value Sugar Cookies

My kids and I love to decorate Easter Eggs but I am the only one who eats Hard Boiled Eggs so it is usually a waste of money. I decided since the kids bailed on our Easter Party we would create a fun Easter Craft that was tasty and fun. We decided we would swap coloring Easter Eggs for Coloring Easter Cookies.

My daughter wasn’t too keen on the idea but once she realized she could eat the cookies from our Easter Craft she decided to make the switch. We already had what we needed since I tend to keep Great Value Baking Products on hand because they are reasonably priced and are a good quality.

It was so simple to create and only required 3 ingredients. 1 roll of Great Value Sugar Cookie Dough, 1 tub Great Value Vanilla Frosting, and food coloring. If you want to create shapes instead of just circles use Easter Shaped Cookie Cutters.


Roll out your sugar cookie dough on lightly floured/powder sugared surface. Cut out shapes with cookie cutters. Roll up unused dough and repeat until all the dough is gone.

Place on Baking Sheets and bake on 375* until browned.

Remove from oven and let cool completely.

While Cookies are cooling, separate frosting into 6 portions. Put in 6 small bowls.

Leave 1 bowl white, add food coloring to the other 5 bowls to create the colors of your choice.

Put frosting in ziplock bags and decorate.  (I used the Sodial Icing Tips that only cost me $6.44 shipped.)


A few of out beautiful results are listed above and now that we have “Colored the Cookies” with this easy Great Value Easter Craft I do not have to worry about any more wasted eggs.


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