Lemon Icing Glaze Recipe

Lemon Icing Glaze Recipe

Lemon Icing Glaze Recipe

Make the perfect icing for your homemade lemon pound cake or other lemon flavored baked treats. This Lemon Icing Glaze Recipe is so easy to make and makes my cake more delicious!

Here’s how to make this Lemon Icing Glaze Recipe


1/2 stick of butter

2 cups of powdered sugar

4 Tsp of lemon extract

Just mix all ingredients.

This is enough for two loaves 9×5 or enough for your crockpot version of the Starbucks lemon pound cake copycat recipe.


Starbucks copycat Lemon Pound Cake

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This is the Lemon Pound Cake Recipe that’s perfect for this Lemon Icing Glaze Recipe.

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