Losing Weight with Water

I Took the Challenge and Now I am Losing Weight with Water

A few weeks back Amee (Madame Deals herself) issued a get healthy challenge by drinking water. That was the final kick I needed to give up my soda and sugary drinks and drink more water. I gave up soda for 3 months last year but caved into the caffeine before Christmas. My doctor has told me every month that I need to give up the soda before my Gastric Bypass in the Spring but it has been my one vice I just couldn’t quit.

I wasn’t planning on losing weight with water I just need I needed to stop drinking my calories. So I took the challenge and gave up the soda. I started drinking 1/2 – 1 gallon of water a day. My water has been flavored with MIO or crystal light most of the time . I have also indulged in unsweetened iced tea but no beverages with calories or sugar.

When I went to my last doctor’s appointment, I got on the scale and couldn’t believe what the nurse told me.

I was Losing Weight with Water!!

I was ecstatic because I had been struggling for months to even drop 1 pound. The only thing I had changed drinking water instead of soda. I couldn’t believe when the nurse confirmed that I was Losing Weight with Water. I didn’t just lose 2 or 3 pounds though. I lost 8 pounds!!

My husband was happy that the checkbook wasn’t lighter since I was losing weight with water. I wasn’t spending hundreds on  pills, weight loss supplements or any fancy diet program. I just needed to start being healthier and I was rewarded by losing weight with water.

There were other benefits to my losing weigh with water. When I  took a good look in the mirror,I realized my combination skin was mostly normal. I didn’t have dry patches or really oily spots. My acne that flares up constantly was healing and my face was getting a glow. I was falling asleep easier and the best part was waking up wasn’t as hard. For all of you that are saying that there has to be one downfall to losing weight with water. I will be honest and tell you I have one complaint. I use the bathroom very often and sometimes have to get up and go at night but that is a small price to pay for losing weight with water.

Losing weight with water has encouraged me to start my next healthy change. So I have given up fast food. Fast food includes any restaurant that has a drive thru. I have added few healthy exceptions. They are McDonald’s Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits, Oatmeal, and Unsweetened Iced Tea and Subway’s Veggie or Chicken Sandwiches without dressing.

While I continue losing weight with water, I am going to see if I  can make the scale drop even more.

So I am going to ask you.

Are you ready to start Losing Weight with Water?

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