Beauty from the Pantry: Going Brunette Naturally

Going Brunette Naturally

As women we love to change our look, especially our hair color. We just used lemon and chamomile to dye our hair blonde, but fall and winter is coming and we want a darker look. This is where dark tea or coffee comes into play. This is a one ingredient hair colorant, and completely natural way to be brunette.

Again we want to stay healthy and keep our hair healthy. Forget the “But I want my hair done now!” notion, and do this instead. Let’s try and keep chemicals as far away from us as possible.


  • 5-6 cups of Coffee or dark brewed tea (cooled or luke warm)


  • A deep pan or pot


  1. Place the pot in a sink or bathtub
  2. While leaning over the pot pour the mixture over your hair letting it drip into the pot
  3. Pour the liquid back into a cup and pour over your hair again. Repeat this about 15 times.
  4. On the final rinse wring your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes.
  5. Then rinse your hair with clear water

**Note** You may have to repeat this process everyday for several weeks until your desired result has been achieved. It’s a longer process but a healthier and greener one.

Why does everything natural take longer? Well, it’s because our bodies are used to be tainted by chemicals. You have to realize that the colorants we use that have chemicals have all been based off of the outcome of natural ingredients. Our society is so used to having everything right at their disposal with a minimal wait time. Doing everyday things with natural ingredients trains our bodies to go back to how our ancestors were, natural!

If you try this we would love to see some pictures!

Thanks to Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker for these tips on how to be brunette naturally!

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