How to Make Cucumber Water Detox

How to Make Cucumber Water Detox

Flush out toxins by drinking this lemon cucumber detox water

I saw this gorgeous picture in one of those amazing magazines not the one above that is actually the picture of the recipe I made. It was a pitcher of water with cucumbers. I thought it would taste great. I bought a cucumber and I put it in some water. I mean this is how to make cucumber water. I thought it tasted good but then I heard about the benefits of adding both lemon and mint to the cucumber water to create a cucumber detox water.

What is Detox Water?

Detox water is also known as infused water or fruit-flavored water. Detox water is infused with fruits, vegetables, and some even include herbs or even spices. There are different combinations that you can make but the most common includes lemon.

Benefits of Drinking Detox Water?

We all know that our body needs water and to function properly we need to drink 8-10 glasses a day. With the help of detox water of fruit-infused water it will encourage you to drink more and with that you will reap its benefits.

1. It’s a low-calorie drink, so it’s perfect for weight loss.

2. Removes toxins in the body because drinking more water means you pee more and also aids in regular bowel movement.

3. Increases energy.

4. Improves skin by hydrating it.

5. Mood booster.

6. Good for digestion.

I love the taste and I love how refreshing it is. I am now addicted to this simple drink. I simply can’t go without it each day. This is how I made it.


Ingredients for how to make cucumber water:

  • One pitcher of Ice Cold Water
  • One Lemon
  • Several leaves of fresh mint (5 or 6)
  • One cucumber


I sliced all of the above ingredients and then put in a handful of ice and stirred. I let the water infuse itself for an hour or so prior to consuming it. I love the taste it is so wonderful. I know that drinking water lose weight. I also believe losing weight with water is easy. Drinking water lose weight!


I mean doesn’t this just look awesome pin it, and save, and drink it often!


Make sure to hydrate! Have a water bottle with you always.

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