Dorm Room Essentials – Back to School Tips

Back to School Must Haves! College Dorm Room Essentials

I can’t believe the days have gone so quickly. I am now getting ready to send my first child off to college. He will be staying in a traditional dorm. I wasn’t sure what to buy for his dorm room. I tried to think of everything when I wrote this list of “Things needed for a dorm.” This list is a perfect place to start or end. It is the list I would share with a potential college student. It is the list I would also share with a roommate so that you can divide and conquer when it comes to dorm expenses. I will say the things Needed for a dorm are catered to my son because I couldn’t find the information he needs.

dorm room essentials

The first thing you need to do is look at the room’s layout. Then you need to have your student determine how they want their bed. If they intend to loft or not loft a bed. The storage options are different if they intend to half loft a bed. I will include things to bring for move-in specifically and things needed for the student ongoing.

Dorm Move-in Checklist: What to bring to dorm on move-in day?

Rubber mallet for bed adjustment

Toolbox (with screwdrivers)

Measuring tape

Bug spray just in case

Cleaning supplies:



Wood cleaner

Paper towels

Dolly (or use a rolling suitcase)

Large IKEA bags  


Swifter sweeper

dorm room essentials

College Dorm Checklist

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Lockbox for important documents


Stick vacuum

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Pots and pans (large and small)




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Safety kit

Air purifier

Floor fan or clip fan if there isn’t AC

Long phone cords

Long extension cords


Area rug


Projector or tv


dish rack

dish towels

led lights


Brita pitcher



can opener

salt/ pepper

cooking spray



shelf over fridge

pot holder

measuring cups

over the door hooks


ice cube tray

pool noddles

personal blender

zip ties

Over the door mirror

Command strips

Rug 4×6

Paper towels


3 drawer pull out drawers

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Under Bed Storage Bags

Storage options


Laundry Must-Haves:

Dryer sheets

Laundry sheet 

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Laundry basket foldable


Personal items



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Shower shoes

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Shower bag (We brought one that is the travel with the  hanger)

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Some people like this

Xl twin sheets

Xl comforter 

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Mattress cover

Pool noodles if you bunk to put under the bunk


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Dorm refrigerator

What did you buy that I didn’t? What was your must have item?

Dorm Room Essentials

Do you have any Dorm Room Savings Tips of your own?

Share them with us below and together we can cut the cost of going to college.

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