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 Math does not have to be a challenge to learn. Math Mammoth takes the direct approach to teaching and breaks it down so your child can learn with easy to read instructions. 

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Math Mammoth

I came across this wonderful math curriculum when searching for Free math worksheets. This is my first year homeschooling and sometimes I find that my daughter needs some extra work to really help cement a concept in her head. There are several Online Homeschooling Programs for homeschoolers but you need to supplement it with other curriculum such as Math Mammoth. While taking advantage of the 300 free pages available at Math Mammoth, I began to look at their complete Math Curriculum Sets.

There are several options available from the Light Blue Complete Curriculum Set to individual workbooks focused on certain subjects. My favorite part is that they are all downloadable via PDF files so there is no need to wait for your workbooks to arrive in the mail. They do offer a printed version of their Light Blue Complete Curriculum and a CD version.

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I had taken advantage of several free worksheets and booklets before receiving the Light Blue Series to review. We have been using it for several weeks and I like the way each lesson is focused on what is being taught in that lesson. The one thing I don’t like about many other math curriculum series is the limited attention spent on the main subject and so much is review of old concepts. I have always felt the need to concentrate on what is being taught.

I was already a fan of the free worksheets and booklets so I wasn’t surprised that the Math Mammoth Complete Curriculum was working for my daughter. The only issue  I have had with the curriculum is that I do not like every suggested method used when learning new concepts. This was easy to fix and I marked out those instructions and showed my daughter how to proceed with the problems.

Take a look for yourself at the wonderful math curriculum and helpful worksheets for both teachers and parents that are offered by Math Mammoth. Don’t forget to get your 300 FREE worksheets.

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