Minecraft Birthday Cake: Stampy Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Stampy Cake

Minecraft Birthday Cake

Have you heard of Minecraft?  It’s the video game that has a cult following among the younger set.  Think of it as a blend of Sims and pretty much any Atari game from the 80’s.  Despite it lacking mind blowing graphics, kids are engrossed in it.  My kid loves it and he not only plays it constantly, but he watches videos about it on youtube.  So here it is, birthday time, and my son requested a blend of a character from his favorite youtube Minecraft celebrity and the game itself.  He requested a Mr. Stampy Cat cake.  So, off to google I went, in search of what a Stampy Cat looked like and how I could make a cake to incorporate both requests.  I quickly noticed there weren’t any Stampy Cake and most of the Minecraft cakes were of the “Creeper”…the big green guy.  I opted for something different, and wanted to share it so that it may inspire you to get creative with your next birthday cake.  Another way to make dollars out of change is to skip the bakery and make your own birthday cakes!

Minecraft Birthday Cake: Stampy Cake

To make the Minecraft birthday cake, I decided to start with a basic French vanilla sheet cake and buttercream icing.  I knew I would be making the cat’s face on the top but wanted something very Minecraft for accents, so I chose to make brownie bites using a square, silicone mold (found here).  As the brownies were baking, I whipped the buttercream (recipe here) and got busy mixing batches of coloring.  When the brownies cooled, I took a knife and trimmed the edges to make the bites totally square.  Then, using Wilton #233 tip, I made the tops look like grass.  These look like ‘grass cubes’ from the game, according to my son, and were a big hit.  I piped on a scalloped border around the top edges of the cake, placed the brownie bites along the bottom, and piped my rendition of Mr. Stampy Cat on top.  I love my Wilton cake tips and accessories, by the way!


The finished cake turned out pretty well, tasted great and my son was so happy.  What made it even more special was the birthday wish he received from his favorite Minecraft youtube star, Stampylongnose, after I uploaded a pic of the cake to his page!  If you have a Minecraft fan and want to make his or her day, try your hand at a homemade cake!  Also, new to the market are Lego Minecraft sets of The Nether and The Village.  These won’t last long and will probably sell out well before Christmas.  You can pick them up now, or risk paying much more on ebay when they show up on Christmas wish lists!  Go here to check out the deal: https://realadvicegal.com/new-lego-minecraft-sets-only-34-99/

If you decide to make a Stampy Cake or other Minecraft birthday cake send us a photo!

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