Mommy and Me Chore Chart

Mommy and Me Chore Chart


If you are looking for a fun craft to do with your kids that will also help you all out in the long run, try making a Mommy and me Chore Chart! My little girl just started school last week, and it has really brought out the “big girl” in her. She asked me if she could start helping out around the house, and I knew that it was the perfect time to introduce a chore chart. So I sat down with her and asked her what kind of chores she wanted to help out with, and she asked me what my chores were. I don’t know about you, but Jaiden loves doing what I do, so I thought I could really make this chore chart a success if I added both of out names and responsibilities to the chart. Plus, if I’m doing chores, that means I get rewards to right?

Here is how to make a Mommy and Me Chore Chart:


You will need:

  • 1 cork board
  • construction paper
  • foam letters (unless you have better hand writing than me haha)
  • Push Pins
  • Scissors/glue


Step 1: First, I think it’s fun to come up with a name for your chore chart. You could go with your family’s  name of course, but I wanted to make sure Jaiden really liked this chore chart so I let her pick the name, and she chose “Beautiful Ladies Chore Chart” because she said we were both beautiful ladies (how cute right?). After you have chosen your name, you can use the foam letters (or just hand write it) on a piece of construction paper, and use push pins to put it on the chart. You can do the same for the names. (Also, I used some scrapbooking scissors to make it look cute!)


Step 2: Chose chores that are best for your family. We chose Brush your teeth, Get a sticker (Jaiden gets a sticker in school for being good), Clean up Toys, Sweep Floors, and Do Homework for Jaiden. For me I chose Clean Livingroom,Clean Kitchen, Vacuum Carpets, Do Laundry, and Work out. After choosing your chores, use the construction paper to make “pockets” so you can slide your tickets in once the chore is done. Use push pins to put your pockets on your chore chart.


Step 3: Next, make your tickets! You could buy tickets from craft stores, but I chose to save some money and make my own out of strips of construction paper. I made a pocket for the bottom of the chore chart where I could put unused tickets, and I also made smaller pockets for “big tickets” that could be switched out if you are saving up for bigger items. (I’ll explain more about that in the next step). Now your chore chart is complete! But what can you spend your tickets on?


Step 4: Choose your “prizes”! Kids love being rewarded for the things they do, and heck, so do adults right? Again, I think it’s important to sit down with your child (or children) and ask them what they want for a reward for their hard work. Jaiden chose things like computer time, money, extra bedtime stories, and trips to chuck-e-cheese. Don’t forget to reward yourselves mama! I chose things like reading time, help with dinner, and a pedicure!

So there you have it! My Mommy and Me Chore Chart! What kind of chores do your little ones help you with?

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