Must-Have Newborn Baby Stuff that You Should Have

The greatest thing after marrying my husband I ever did was to have kids. It is the scary, wonderful, frustrating, magical, incredible, hard, easy, and amazing. It is worth every tear, every hardship, every moment of the mess, because when they say, “I Love you” no sound is sweeter or more meaningful just ignore them, “I hate you.” That is code for you are a great parent!.

These are my must-have must buy baby essentials items!

Get ready for your newborn baby with these must have must buy baby essentials. You can also print our checklist so you don't miss anything.

Must-Have Newborn Baby Stuff that You Should Have


Crib Mattress

Crib Mattress Protector

Crib music player

Changing Table

Changing table pad

Diaper Pail- This one doesn’t require special bags and you can use it for years to come.

Baby Bag

Dr. Brown Bottles– also get the newborn bottle set

Baby bottle cleaner brush

Bottle sterilizer (I used the dishwasher or hand washed). If you get one make sure it is for the bottles you have.

Car seat– I loved Britax

Car Seat cover– Depending on when your baby is born to look at the materials. I used mine a lot to keep the sun and people touching out.

Stroller/ infant seat 

Umbrella stroller– I did a Quinny stroller (Quinny Zapp Xtra Folding Seat, Rebel Red) and it worked as a jogger and light stroller. If you want a true umbrella stroller to make sure it is lightweight and has a basket and a sunshade. This is the umbrella stroller I had.

jogging stroller– Everyone I know swears by their Bob. I had another brand that was more expensive so the Bob is a deal 🙂 (I got mine on craigslist and mine was a twin one because of the ages of my kids)


Swing– You need a swing that goes side to side and back and forth.

Baby seat– I love these portable chairs like the Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker, Floral Confetti

Crib sheets zipper sheets– These are my favorite baby gift. I love them and we used them for years. 

Baby sleepers

Baby Onesies

Baby mitts

baby grooming set

Baby Washcloth

Baby Bath

Baby Bach CDs

my kids loved baby einstein toys so I highly suggest looking at these toys.

Burping cloths

baby shampoo and wash

Baby Bibs (ADD IN KATIE”S)

Newborn diapers

Size 1 diapers– I would have these set to deliver.

Activity center 

Pacifiers- get newborn and the next size up

Get a pacifier clip 

Baby snowsuit

Chair with ottoman– I loved my glider chair and the kids used to sit in there and read books.

High Chair – I wished I bought one that attached to a chair instead of a stand-alone unit because it was always in the way.


Baby wrap to carry the baby

We loved our baby hiking carrier.

Hospital gown and nursing nightgown

Breastfeeding moms

A Breast feeding Kit for when your boobs hurt. They will but it will get better!

breastfeeding bras

Nursing cover

disposable pads

washable pads

must buy nursing cream

Here is a heating pad for you. Your back will hurt 🙂

I recommend you visit Bayley Faymar’s Etsy Shop for handmade baby gifts.

Get ready for your newborn baby. Print this must-have baby essentials checklist.

Print our Must-Have Baby Essentials Checklist

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