Trader Joe’s New Years

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Trader Joe Review

I love Trader Joe’s. I am a foodie on a budget so going into Trader Joe’s is like heaven on Earth. The prices are fair and the food is delicious I love their eat it and if you do not like it return it guarantee. I haven’t ever used it but I am happy to have the option since some of their dishes are a little different from my normal all American Cuisine.I am now a huge fan of Indian food.

I am also in love with cookie butter we even figured out ten ways to eat cookie butter.


If you buy cookie butter you can make my now famous Apple Pie

Then we didn’t stop there and we made our own how to make  Gluten Free cookie butter recipe

trader joes

I find that my favorite Party food is from Trader Joe’s this is our top ten fall pick Trader Joe

I make this awesome and two ingredient chili dip 

These are my favorite  Trader Joe Must buys list for my daily grocery trips

Here is my holiday party ideas:

1) The cookies in the first picture are divine.

trader joe review

2) Cheese oh glorious cheese their selection is awesome and there prices are reasonable.

3) Italian meat selection pack is also featured in the image above.

trader joe review

4)  Pastry Bites Feta Cheese and Caramelized Onions

trader joe review

5) Camembert Cheese and Cranberry Sauce

I believe having good food is the secret to a great party. If  you have great looking food it is easy to stage it so it makes your party have an inviting feel. I just took simple items and placed great food on them to make them more appealing. I mean I being a good hostess is paying attention to the details.

This is post has pictures of  tables that I  set with food I bought at the store. Amee’s House setting up your party scene <—-


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