Places to buy clothes under $10

Places to buy clothes under $10

Clothing under $10

Places to buy clothes under $10

I will admit to two things. I love clothes and I hate paying retail for them. I hate it because they are so expensive. I also know my budget is limited and I want what I want. I have made finding cheap clothes an art. In fact I am so good at it that I dress several family members and friends. These are a few of my secrets to where you can build your wardrobe with quality clothes under $10.

Places to buy clothes under $10

Do you shop online? I do so a lot I use Ebates and I just got a check for $110 cash back. You can sign up here  for Ebates <— it is free and they send you a gift card~

Bj Wholesale Club Review

Shop Goodwill

Ebay. I Love eBay shopping.

Kohl’s clearance with coupons!  You can see my Kohl’s outfit.

Here is my little Kohl’s video

Tj Maxx, Marshalls, Ross these stores all offer designer clothes at cheap prices. If you shop the clearance section you will score awesome deals for $10 or less.




Consignment shops. I love a great consignment shop!

You friend’s closets organize a clothing swap. This is how to organize a clothing swap

I find another expense is  sports and activities. I know I needed to fin Cheap Dance Clothes so we came up with a list of where to find cheap dance clothes.

Cheap Shoe Websites

Here is an example of an outfit I bought for under $10

In order to save the most money when buying clothing. I make a list of what I need this is an example of my fall clothing list.


Wow and this is my secret to buying the latest jewelry for next to nothing

Fashion Under 10 Dollars


Fashion Under $10

Places to buy Plus Size clothes under $10

plus size clothing cheap