Send Saint Valentine Love for Kids with Hershey’s

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Saint Valentine for Kids


Hershey kisses love notes reese

Saint Valentine noticed birds pairing on the second week of February, so the story goes. That everyone began to partner and find mates. That true love would begin and became apparent. This story is attributed to Saint Valentine, and it later evolved into the proper day for consecrated lovers to send love letters and tokens of their feelings. The customs have been broader now to not only include our “lovers’ but the people whom we love. I can remember a time not so long ago when I received those candy valentines with a letter written on it. I still have some, but the truth is the most memorable Valentines I receive come from my children and those from my parents when I was a child.

Hershey kisses love notes reese

That story has inspired this post. The word Valentine itself is rooted in Valens, which stands for (worthy, strong, powerful). If you think about love it is indeed all of those things and the preservation of it is just as strong and just as necessary. The traditions of how you show your love is just as worthy of love itself.

Hershey kisses love notes reese

The Hershey’s Kisses Conversation Candies (available exclusively at Target) is a unique way to start the conversation. I bought three mailboxes one for each of my children. I have been placing love notes and a kiss or a Reese’s Conversation Cups in the box each day. The next morning I have received a note in return. I wasn’t expecting anything in return but as it is often the case when you do not anticipate a return for your good deed you are pleasantly surprised. I decided to take this experiment further, and I encouraged my children to make water bottle crafts that they could send to their cousins to let them know that they are both loved and missed. The conversational kisses fit in the bottle perfectly. This is something fun to send in the mail, and it encourages children to read and write which is very important. It also brings us back to the history of Valentine’s day which is writing to let your love know how important they are.

Water Bottle Crafts inspired by Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine Gift

Saint Valentine for Kids


Water bottle with a wide opening (sports drink bottles work well and juice bottles)
Hershey’s Kisses Conversation Candies
small toys, jewelry, socks, earrings, legos, etc
something your child likes
Love note

Saint Valentine bottle craft

Saint Valentine for Kids withHershey's

Next, place all of the great things you have in the bottle. Then go to the post office and get a label to send the bottle. I know my nieces and nephew love getting these in the mail from their cousins. It is a fun thing to do.

Printable Valentine's Day Letter

The note can be short and sweet by allowing the Hershey’s Kisses Conversation Candies to do the talking or something uniquely paired. I made this Valentine’s day letter that doesn’t use a lot of words for children that can’t read or are starting to read. It allows them the ability to express themselves and for them to understand your note back to them. It isn’t how long your note is it is that you sent one. That is why the Hershey’s Kisses Conversation Candies and Reese’s Conversation Cups available at Target give you the tool you need to say what you mean to the people you love. If you need more Valentine’s day ideas check out my Valentine’s day Hershey Basket. It was a huge hit and a tradition I will continue for years to come.

Hershey Valentine's day card

Print this Valentine’s Day Card!

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