How to Save on Crafts

How to Save on Crafts

save on crafts


We love to make crafts in our house and we are always struggling to save as much money as we can. Over the years we have found tried and true ways to save on Crafts and still have them turn out fantastic.  Saving while making crafts allows us to make more crafts and surprise our friends during the holidays and sometimes just because. Keep reading to find out How To Save on Crafts.

Ways to Save on Crafts

  • Shop at your local Dollar Tree or Dollar Store – I always stop there before hitting the craft store because I can find beautiful flowers, floral foam, vases, candle holders and more for only $1. This is also where I get my gift bags and tissue paper to put my beautiful crafts in when gift giving.
  • Shop the Clearance Section – If you must visit your local craft store make sure to check the clearance section before you pay full price. You will often find items out of the package but still in good condition for a fraction of the price.
  • Shop with Coupons – Craft Stores such as Joann Fabrics and Michaels  have coupons online and available thru their apps. If you get the Sunday paper you will find paper coupons. Some stores will even honor another stores coupon. Make sure to read the coupon and make sure you are using it correctly to save.
  • Stock up when there is a Sale – If you know that you frequently use the same items buy a few extra when they are on sale so you won’t have to pay full price down the road. Create a closet or craft box where you can keep your extras so they don’t get lost.
  • Organize a Craft Swap – If you are part of a parenting group, women’s group or have several friends who like to craft, set up a date for everyone to get together and trade items they no longer need and pick up items they can use. The more people who come the more variety you will have. Whatever is leftover could be donated to your local school for crafts.
  • Recycle – This is how we create many crafts. My daughter loves to save the shoe boxes, coffee cans, or empty candle holders to repurpose into something else. We even use the extra wax left behind after a candle burns out to create wax melts to use in the tart warmer.
  • Use Products You Already Own – Make cute and festive candle holders using old wine glasses that are just collecting dust. Use up crayons by creating this cute Crayon Canvas Art. Before you throw something away ask if you could use it for a craft. You will be surprised at the ideas you can come up with.

These are the ways I Save on Crafts. I would love to hear your ideas on how to save on crafts.

Leave us a comment below and let us know how you save? Your idea may even appear in an upcoming article.

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