How To Save On Lawn & Garden Watering

Having a beautiful lawn is tough when it is costly.  That’s why we are sharing those great tips for How To Save On Lawn & Garden Watering this year!  Whether you are landscaping your front lawn or trying to grow beautiful flowers or vegetables these are great tips!

Don't miss our tips for How to Save on Lawn & Garden Watering this year!  Your lawn can be beautifully lush and green despite the budget and area!

Is it really possible to save money watering your lawn?  It depends on what part of the country you live in.  In our area, the summers are hot and humid with frequent afternoon thunderstorms.  In other areas, the weather is hot and dry necessitating your lawn be regularly watered to maintain any semblance of green.

One of our biggest issues with watering our lawn is that water is very expensive in our area.  My parents live in a large city and their water/sewer bills average around $35 a month.  On the flip side, our bill each month averages about $120!Don't miss our tips for How to Save on Lawn & Garden Watering this year!  Your lawn can be beautifully lush and green despite the budget and area!

How To Save On Lawn & Garden Watering

  • If you water by hand, do it in the evening or before the sun comes up.
  • Water your lawn early in the morning.  Did you know that 14% of the water you put on your grass evaporates before ever reaching the roots?  By watering your lawn in the early morning, you can save an average of 87 gallons per week.  That’s an average of 4,524 gallons of water a year.  If every household in the U.S. did this for a year, it would equal nine times the annual rainfall in Seattle.
  • If you have an automatic sprinkler system, program it to begin watering at 4 a.m.
  • Consider upgrading to a digital timer to save money watering your lawn.  This is particularly economical when you need to water more than once a day in order to establish a sod or new seed lawn, or when overseeding.
  • There are even rain shutoff devices and soil moisture sensors which can be attached to a sprinkler timer to come on when the grass needs to be watered or when the ground is dry.
  • Utilize rain barrels and waste water (from baths or dishes) to water your lawn and gardens when drought is an issue.
  • Invest in quality irrigation or sprinkler systems that will water without wasting money.  An up front investment can make a huge difference in long term costs.

These are just a few basic tips to save money on lawn and garden watering this summer! Having a lush lawn despite the heat and drought is possible without spending a fortune.  Utilize our tips above to make sure your lawn looks amazing while staying in budget!

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