How to Soup Swap

How to Soup Swap


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I am a huge fan of soup. I can’t help myself. There are so many awesome varieties. The problem is once you make a big pot unless you can freeze it then you end up wasting soup. I thought to myself there must be other soup lovers out there. I decided to organize a soup swap. It was amazing. I ended up with tasty soup and I didn’t have tiresome leftovers. Now for the “How to Soup Swap”.

How to Soup Swap

1) Determine the number of cups each person will make

2) Determine what containers people should use

3) Decide how you want it delivered

The suggestions I have for the top three items are 6 cups of soup per swap attendee. I would use freezer zipper bags. I would fill the bags and freeze them flat in your freezer. I would pick a date and time to exchange soup.

4) Label each bag with the date and soup type using a permanent marker.

5) Then include a bag number. (This will help with the swapping)

6) Print out a copy of your recipe and number that as well. This is important so people know what is in the soup to avoid allergies.

7) Make sure to find one person who has agreed to be in charge of soup for people who couldn’t make it to exchange. That person should allow people to drop of soup prior to the event. Then they collect the soup to be pick up at another time. This is very important because people want to participate but the groups selection of dates or time do not always work for everyone.

8) Make sure to send out a reminder email with the details above remind people to bring a cooler to transport frozen soup.

9) Give everyone a number

10) Have everyone place their bags of soup in front of their cooler.

11) Then open up the empty cooler and move around the room gathering your bag of soup to place in your open cooler.

12) The only other thing you need to know is which soups freeze well

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