Three ways to save money on drinks

Three ways to save on drinks

I can’t tell you where it all goes but my children drink water, juice, milk, and hot cocoa like it is going out of style. This is also true when we are dinning out. I used to buy the kids meal and the drinks were extra. I would find myself with huge bills. We implemented a rule that for every drink other than water would be followed by water. This rule helped us save a lot of money when we were out since out children would only order one drink and have  half a glass of water.

The other thing that I do is have juice boxes in my van. When it is cold they are in my trunk. When it is warmer I freeze them and stick them in a cooler. I find that if you stop for a cold drink it is at least $1.00. The box of ten juice boxes is $2.00 with coupons. I know it doesn’t seem like a lot but $3.00 adds up and $.60 isn’t as bad (I have three children). The reality is my children usually have two drinks so $6.00 or $1.20.

The last way that we save on drinks is to make them ourselves. I will buy the concentrate version and add extra water. I like to water down our drinks a little bit because of all the sugar currently found in drinks. We also make fruit water which the children adore. It is refreshing. We put frozen fruit in their water. It is better than ice and healthier than drinks you can purchase.

I am positive there are more than three ways to save on drinks. I know that making small changes can produce large amounts of money over time.

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