Valentines Day Crafts Ideas: Craft Sticks Projects

Valentines Day Crafts Ideas

Craft Sticks Projects

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Valentine’s Day is not just a day for romance and lovers strolling hand in hand contemplating the stars. At our house it is about celebrating the love we have for each other as a family. That loves extends to our friends and extended family members also. Very rarely do my husband and I disappear for a “Valentine’s Date Night” instead we celebrate it with our children because family is what love is all about. We make cards, special treats and even homemade gifts for each other. Our favorite gifts are craft sticks projects because the options are endless and you can use them in so many different ways. My daughter took the lead already this year and created a sparkly butterfly for her Valentines Day Craft Ideas: Craft Sticks Projects. 

Valentines Day Crafts Ideas: Craft Sticks Projects



This Valentines Day Crafts Ideas is very simple to put together and lets your child use their imagination and creativity for the decoration.

Items Needed

Craft Sticks – Plain or colored

Glue Stick or Elmers Glue

Decorative Gems (clear or colored), Buttons, or other fun accents

Googly Eyes (enough for the number of Butterflies you will be making)

2 Paper Hearts (Print out 2 copies of our Heart or make your own)

Now to Make Your Craft Sticks Projects

1. Cut out the hearts and flip one upside down and glue together.

2. Pick out 2 craft sticks and glue in the center of the hearts. Depending on the size of the hearts you may need to center them in the middle from top to bottom also. This is the “body”.

3. Glue 2 googly eyes at the top of the butterfly on either side of the craft sticks.

4. Decorate the wings of the butterflies with gems, buttons, or other accents. (Set them on without glue till you know where you want them all to go.)

5. Once your design is complete – glue them on.

6. If you want to turn into a puppet, glue 2 more craft sticks to the back side so you can easily move it. If not let sit over night to dry and hang your decoration on display.

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This Craft Sticks Projects is so simple my daughter made several of them and gave them away as Valentine’s to her close friends.

She can’t wait to make these other fun Valentine’s Day Crafts Ideas.

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