Valentines Day DIY Gifts Kids Can Make: Rice Sock Heating Pad

Valentines Day DIY Gifts Kids Can Make

Valentines Day gifts kids can make


Looking for a great Valentines Day diy gift kids can make? Then you should try these super cute Sock heating pads! Don’t you always have a lonely sock that gets shoved in the back of the drawer hoping one day you will find it’s mate? Yep me too! My 5 year old wanted to make a Valentines Day gift for for grandmother, so I found something easy for her to do, and a way to use things we already had! Now, I know the photo above isn’t perfect, but, it will be perfect for the person that is receiving it, and my 5 year old was very excited to make it herself! So if you wanted them to be perfect, you could always make them yourself! 

This project only took about 15 mins. to make, and turned out super cute I think! You could attach to a card that says “You warm my heart” since they can be thrown in a microwave and used as mini heating pads!

Here is what you will need to make this Valentines Day DIY Gifts kids can make: Rice Sock Heating Pad



  • 1 lonely sock (the more fun the pattern, the better!
  • rice (dry!)
  • sewing needle
  • thread
  • marker
  • scissors

Here is how to make this Valentines Day DIY Gifts kids can make: Sock heating pad:



Step 1: First pick out your sock and you will want to draw a heart with your marker. I am not good at drawing so we used a heart shaped cookie cutter!



Step 2: Cut around your heart shape and make sure they match!



Step 3: Match your socks up with the insides facing out, and sew around the edge almost all the way around. You might have to help little ones with this part. (I think they have needles that are made for kids!)



Step 4: After you have sewn almost all the way around turn your heart turn it right side out and fill it with rice, sew the pocket up and tie off the end!

There you have it! An easy Valentines Day DIY Gifts kids can make! I used stuff I already had!

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