Start Your Path to Success at Virginia’s Community Colleges with G3 Funding!

This post was sponsored by Virginia’s G3 Funding as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Start Your Path to Success at Virginia’s Community Colleges with G3 Funding!

I can’t believe my oldest is graduating soon. He asked me the other day were there choices I regretted? I said, “No.” You see there isn’t a reason to regret choices because every day we have the opportunity to make different choices. Do you imagine yourself with a career you love instead of a job?

Do you imagine you had more money instead of just enough? Do you have a talent you always wanted to explore? Are you someone who regrets your choices because you haven’t made different choices? You can’t make the same choices and expect different results.

You don’t have to be someone that is stuck in a job instead of a career you love. I am the perfect example of someone who loves her job and doesn’t consider it work. I walk past my husband every day and he says, “I will pay you to stay home while I work.” He hates his job and thinks me sitting with him in the house will somehow make it enjoyable. I tell him I appreciate the offer,but I can’t imagine not going to school and working with students with disabilities.

I recently shared how community college is affordable. You can read all the reasons why Virginia’s Community Colleges are the right choice. There are 23 and they each offer a variety of career paths.

G3 Funding

I just wanted to remind you that it isn’t too late to attend. You can sign up now! You can start soon. They have rolling admissions and with the G3 tuition assistance program, it could be very cost-effective.

G3 funding fills in the gap between tuition and those other expenses. With G3 tuition assistance, higher education in Virginia has never been more affordable. Who could receive this assistance? G3 tuition assistance is for Virginia residents who have a family income that’s generally less than $100,000.

G3 Tuition Assistance

What programs can you use it for? G3 tuition assistance can be used on training and educational programs for Virginia’s most in-demand industries: Healthcare, IT, Early Childhood Education, Skilled Trades, and Public Safety.

I shared the quote from my friend in my post about why Virginia’s Community Colleges are the right choice. She now makes more than she did with her four-year degree by finding the career of her dreams through coursework at one of Virginia’s Community Colleges. Her story isn’t an anomaly-it is commonplace.

Are you ready to invest in yourself or your loved ones?

I encourage you to sign up now. Why not? You do so much for others,it is time you do what you are best at!If you are a parent, friend, spouse, and all-around good person,share this fantastic deal with everyone. Everyone needs to know about the G3 Tuition Assistance program and everything it offers.

Virginia's Community Colleges

So share this post and get started! I emailed my children’s high school guidance counselor and several friends who also have seniors. I want to make sure every person that wants to receive an education knows that net worth shouldn’t stand in the way of self-worth and career exuberance.