Walking Weight Loss Tips

Walking Weight Loss Tips

Walking weight loss

Following a healthy diet is important for weight loss. However, a healthy diet is not the only thing needed to lose weight and insure you keep it off. It is important to include physical activity and exercise into your daily routine. You do not have to purchase an expensive gym membership or take extreme aerobics classes to get in the activity you need. These simple Walking Weight Loss Tips will have you feeling energized and on the right track to losing weight and keeping it off.

Walking Weight Loss Tips

Tip #1 – Invest in an pedometer to keep of your tracks so you can gradually increase the steps you take each day. It is good to aim for 10,000 steps a day but if you are already doing that you need to bump it up because that is your body’s normal range.

Tip #2 – Add in walking extra steps whenever and where ever you can. Take the stairs, park at the far end of the lot, walk around the school grounds while waiting to pick up your children, walk to the local store instead of driving the few blocks, etc. The more places you realize you can walk to the more walking you will get in.

Tip #3 – Set a goal and stick to it. Sign up for a local walk or 5k. Many do not require that you run these events. This will give you a reason to get walking every day so you can meet your goal. No matter what your time is on that event day, you will always be able to say “I DID IT”.

Tip #4 – Walk with friends or join a local walking group. This will break up the monotony of walking alone and time always flies when we are with other people who are eager to do the same thing.

Tip #5  – Invest in a good pair of shoes. Go to your local running or track store and get fitted for the proper shoe. This will save you from injuries and pain while you walk. A good pair of shoes is worth every penny when you can walk pain free.

Tip #6 – Hydrate yourself to avoid dehydration. Even on days when it is not extremely hot outside you can become dehydrated. Make sure you are properly hydrating yourself before,during and after your walk. Remember that you are already dehydrated by the time you start to feel thirsty.

Tip #7 – Break up a long walk into mini walks if your schedule is tight. Instead of cancelling your walk altogether break a 45 minute walk into 3 – 15 minute segments. This will keep you on track and remain motivated for the next day. Remember once we skip one day of something it is easier to skip it again.

Tip #8  – Use anything as an excuse to get walking. Does your children want some alone time to talk,girlfriends want to chat, need to let off some steam after a rough day or do you want to spend some alone time? These are all great excuses to take to walking. Not only will you be able to meet their needs and your own but you will be burning calories while you do it.

Tip #9 – Don’t let the weather stop you from walking. If it is raining put on your raincoat and remember the younger years when you loved walking in the rain. If you can’t do that there are exercise videos that incorporate walking in an easy format and help you get in your miles. (Examples: Walk away the Pound with Leslie Sansone, Denise Austin Fat Burning Walk, The Biggest Loser: Power Walk.)

Tip #10 – Go walking across America. Log onto sites such as Webwalking USA or purchase a US Map/Atlas and log the miles you have walked. Chart your progress and set a date to complete your goal. This is a good challenge to have with coworkers or friends to see who can “Walk Across America” first.

These are my Top Walking Weight Loss Tips and I always love to hear how others add walking to loss weight. Share your ideas and inspirations below.

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