Bariatric Surgery Before and After

Bariatric Surgery Before and After

Bariatric Surgery Tips For Successful Weight Loss

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 My Bariatric Surgery Before and After Story

It has been almost a year and a half since I embarked on my bariatric surgery journey. I first attended an informational meeting with my husband half thinking it would never happen. After we left I felt motivated to take my life back and set out on my journey. The first six months of my journey were in preparation for having bariatric surgery and then came the big day. It has been almost 10 months since my bariatric surgery date and during that time I have compiled tips to hep me stay on track and focused. These help me on days that I feel like giving up and I have found that by sticking with them the weight will come off.

Post Bariatric Surgery Tips

1. Drink at least 8 glasses of Water. I find this is easily accomplished with these tips on drinking water to help lose weight.

2. Consume your Recommended Minimum Protein Amount. My favorite way to sneak in extra protein when I didn’t feel like eating was with Premier Protein High Protein Shakes. They are portable so I didn’t have to worry about carrying around extra things with me.

3. Get Active and Stay Active. Start will small distances and slowly extend the distances you travel everyday. Don’t take on more than you can handle but be sure to try new things. 

4. Keep a Food and Drink Log. At the beginning you start out on protein shakes and gradually add in food but in order to make sure you are eating enough of the right things be sure to record what you are consuming.

5. Find a Local Support Group and Attend. This is something that I personally struggled with but I know attending a local support group helps keep me accountable. Support groups are also a good way to learn about new products, recipe suggestions, and talk with people who are going thru or have gone thru what you are.

6. Identify Your Triggers. If you find that you cannot visit a fast food place and order a healthy option then don’t go. Does eating out with friends, make you crave dessert? Suggest ordering in instead or ask them to get dessert at a second location on the way home. Keep track of what makes you want to slip and avoid those situations until you feel you can be in control. This is a lifestyle change and some thing will eventually not be as important as you get healthier.

7. Keep Your Appointments. Even if you don’t think you have lost weight, make sure you keep all appointments with your surgeon, medical doctors, dietitians, etc. They can help you identify changes in your body and address any areas of concern.

8. Be Honest. People can only help you if you tell them the truth. Don’t tell them what you think they want to hear. Tell them what is really going on. Also be honest with yourself. The weight did not come on in a few days, weeks or even months. It is not going to come off in that short of time also.

9. Use the Bariatric Surgery as a Starting Point. Think of the surgery as a fresh start to your eating habits. Don’t go back to your old ways or nothing will change. Start making healthy decisions and stick with them knowing you are on your path to a better lifestyle.

10. Take Ownership and be Proud. You have done a great thing for yourself and need to accept the compliments that come your way. Also when you fall down, admit your mistakes and get up and start over. Don’t belittle yourself but instead be proud of how far you have come and commit to continue moving forward.

These are the Post Bariatric Surgery tips that I found to be most helpful and I am proud to say that as of today I am 80 pounds lighter than I was before the surgery. I have slipped at times but I remind myself to get back up again each day. My family is supportive and that helps keep me going one day at a time. I have 30 more pounds to go and I know it will take longer than the first 30 but I am determined to keep going and hope to one day share that I reached my goal.

Bariatric Surgery Before and After Photos

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