What is Clean Eating Diet?

What is Clean Eating Diet?

Clean Eating Diet

Everyone is always looking for the next quick diet fix, cutting out major food groups, eating only one type of food, drinking shakes, etc. One diet fad that I am a fan of is Clean Eating Diet.

So, what is Clean Eating Diet? Actually, it is a lifestyle change, rather than a diet. It doesn’t eliminate major food groups, but rather encourages you to eat more of the good stuff. This “good stuff” includes lots of vegetables, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains. Clean Eating Diet means focusing on whole unprocessed foods, basically what health professionals have been saying for years. Some people take the lifestyle even further by only eating organic, or avoiding foods that are highly allergenic, such as wheat, dairy and soy. Below I have listed 7 easy ways to start eating clean…

7 Simple tips for Clean Eating Diet

1) Buy frozen fruits and vegetables. They won’t spoil quickly, and organic varieties are less expensive than buying them fresh. You can add them quickly to smoothies, or crockpot meals. They fill you up with fiber, and give you lasting energy all day.

2) Limit processed foods. Avoid buying foods with more than 4-5 ingredients, and the ingredients should be things you recognize.

3) Keep your drinks simple. Stick to black coffee, green and herbal teas, and water. Avoid diet anything, and steer clear of the fancy coffee concoctions, they are loaded with added sugar and calories.

4) Make sure your whole grain bread is really made from whole grains. Often times breads that claim to be “whole grain” still contains white flour as an ingredient.

5) Experiment with your starches. If you always go for white rice, try brown rice, or quinoa.

6) Don’t be afraid of fats, just keep them healthy. Reach for olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds. Remember to stick to a recommended serving size.

7) Cook! I think the easiest way to Eat Clean is to prepare your own food. You can control every item in your meal, making sure to use the highest quality ingredients.

Thanks to Julie Radebaugh for these Clean Eating tips
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American Council of Exercise (ACE) certified personal trainer (CPT)

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