Easter Bunny Water Bottle Craft

Easter Bunny Water Bottle Craft

Easter is a fun time to create some awesome recipes, crafts and decors, but don’t forget that it is also a great time to for us to surprise friends and especially kids with a fun gift. Using simple materials, we can create a lovely Easter bunny gift out of water bottle.


  • Clean and empty water bottle
  • White and pink paper
  • A pair of googly eyes
  • Black button
  • Black marker
  • Alphabet scrapbook stickers
  • Pink ribbon
  • Glitters or Sequins
  • Candies

Step 1: Glue the googly eyes and black button to the water bottle. Using black marker, draw some whiskers and mouth. Our water bottle now has an Easter bunny face.

Step 2: On the white paper, draw and cut-out a B shaped design. This will serve as our Easter bunny hands, so make sure that the size is appropriate to your water bottle. Then color the border of the shape with black marker.

Step 3: Glue the Easter bunny hands to the side of the water bottle.

Step 4: Using scrapbook alphabet stickers, spell out Happy Easter message and stick it between the two hands of our Easter bunny. If you don’t have alphabet stickers, you can use markers to write down the message.

Step 5: To add color inside the bottle, crush some pink paper and press it to the bottom of the water bottle. I use a stick to press the paper inside.

Step 6: Place your sweet treats inside. You can use any candies, chocolates or any of your chosen gifts to fill the bottle.

Step 7: Cut-out a strip of white paper and a pair of bunny ears. To make it colorful, I combined pink and white paper for the ears. Then glue it in place.

Step 8: Using pink ribbon, glue it on the strip of white paper. Make sure to use long ribbon because we will use it to tie the bunny ears to the water bottle.

Step 9: If you have some glitters or colored sequins, you can use those to design your bunny ears and give it a bling bling touch. Glue your design in place and to prevent it from falling out, I suggest that you use clear glue on top or even a clear nail polish to set your design. I used pink sequins in this project.

Step 10: Glue in our Easter bunny ears just below the neck of the water bottle. Then tie a nice ribbon at the back.

And we’re done, you now have a cute Easter bunny water bottle craft that you can give to kids on Easter!

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