Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe Hack

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe Hack

Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe Hack

Do you love Ice Cream Cake? Me and my kids too! But unfortunately I don’t always have much time to make Ice Cream Cake. Good thing because I found this super easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe hack to make our favorite summer dessert. It will take you less than five minutes to do this ice cream cake, the best part is that it looks so special and my kids love it so much.

Here’s how to do this Easy Ice Cream Cake Recipe Hack

ice cream cake recipe

Ice Cream Cake Recipe Ingredients:

12 cookies
1 box of ice cream
a couple of strawberries
chocolate that gets hard on contact with the ice cream

Here’s how to make it:

1. Layer the cookies on a plate.

2. Open the box of ice cream and place it on top of the cookies.

3. Pour the Magic Shell chocolate syrup

4. Top with strawberries.

5. Enjoy!

Watch the video:

Ice Cream Cake

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