Ideas for Star Wars Birthday Parties

This was our year to celebrate in a big way for my son who was turning six. He wanted a Star Wars themed birthday pool party. So that’s what we did.I imagine he is not alone and that lots of kiddos are asking for Star Wars Birthday Parties this year.

Star Wars Birthday Parties are so much fun and easy to put together. We have all the ideas you need to make you party a success


This was his first and likely his only BIG birthday celebration as a little kid (we will do another big celebration once during the teen years). We usually just have we have a small intimate family gathering with dinner and cake and ice cream without the over the top celebrating. Or we do an activity birthday where I kids get to pick a friend and go to an amusement park or the movies. I want them to know they are special and their birtthdays are a cause for celebration but I do not think you need to go all out with a themed birthday party every year. However, when I do through a big party I am all in. So check out all the ideas below that you will need to make your Star Wars Birthday Parties a huge success.

How to Prepare a Star Wars Birthday Party

Location– First things first. When you are planning a party the first thing you have to decide is where are you going to have the party. For us, it was easy since my son requested a pool party. We booked a 2 hour party session at the pool at our gym. It was very reasonable since several families we were inviting were members we did not have to pay extra for them and we were able to stick to the 10 guest limit within the coat of the session.

 Star Wars themed pool party
Decorations– I think the best decorations are simple ones. So pick a few colors, 2 or 3, and just buy your party supplies in those colors. I kept it simple with just a few balloons, red plates, red cups, and black and red table cloths to fit the Star Wars theme. I also splurged a bit and got Star Wars themed plates for serving the cupcakes. Many stores have supplies for Star Wars Birthday Parties if you want to take your decorations to the next level.

 Star Wars Themed Party Food
Food – This is where I let my creative juices flow and tried to make it fun and memorable. I used black chalk paper to make levels for all of the food dishes. My son wanted pizza and that is usually a great way to feed a crowd without spending a ton of money. So we called them Sith Slices.Serve pizza at a Star Wars Party and call them Sith SlicesWe made light sabers by putting grapes on skewers and wrapping a bit of aluminum foil on one end. We also served BB-8 cheese balls and carrots with Dark Lord Ranch Dip. To drink we had Yoda Soda which is lemon lime soda mixed with green Tropical Hawaiian Punch.BB8 Cheese balls and grape sabersYoda soda is a great drink idea for Star Wars themed parties. It is very simple to make with only two ingredients.

Cupcakes – I decided not to have ice cream since we were at the indoor pool. It would be melting fast and very messy. Instead, again to keep the mess to a minimum we had Storm Trooper Cupcakes. I prefer cupcakes over cake for any party. I think they are easier to serve, there is no fighting over a special slice, and they are easier to decorate than an entire cake. If you prefer to make a cake check out these Star Wars Birthday Cake Ideas

Storm Trooper Cupcakes lined up and ready to party

 How to make Storm Trooper Cupcakes

Start with any flavor cupcake. I made some yellow cake and some chocolate. Frost with white frosting. Using a food safe marker, draw a Storm Trooper mask onto jumbo marshmallows. I used a Wilton FoodWriter Marker and it worked really well. Once the food coloring dries it stays on the marshmallows.

Use a Wilton food writer marker to draw storm trooper masks on Jumbo marshmallows

A lone storm trooper cupcake

Fun: We decide to keep the games and other activities to a minimum since we were at the pool and I knew all the kids would want to be in the water the whole time. But I did want to have some star wars kids activities or at least one. So we decided on a tattoo station. We called the tattoo station Planet “Tatto”ine and I set up a container of water with some sponges and cut out the temporary tattoos so they would be ready to go. The kids loved it!

Planet Tattoine is a tatto station for a Star Wras themed birthday party activity

Party Favors: I always have mixed feeling about party favors because I think many times parents can go way overboard. With bags filled with candy and trinkets for every guest this can be the priciest part of the party. However, thanks to the dollar store I was able to pick up everything I needed to put together some awesome party favors. First I started with the bags. I bought both white and red bags. I would have purchased all white bags but they did not have enough so I grabbed a few red ones too.  On the white bags I drew storm trooper masks with  a black marker.

You can make storm trooper party favor bags by drawing a storm trooper mask with black marker onto a white bag.

I found a box of Star Wars themed sticker rolls on clearance and cut strips to go in each bag. The dollar store also had Star Wars candy. The best part of this party favor however is the pool noodle light saver! Perfect for pool parties and Star Wars Birthday Parties.

Star Wars Party favors include candy, stickers, and a pool noodle light saber

I also made printable bag tags that you can cut out, glue to stock paper, and tie onto the favor bags. You could also use these as thank you notes. Click here to print out the tags.

Star Wars Birthday Party Tags for the party favor bags

Learn how to make a Star Wars light saber using a pool noodle

How to make a Star Wars Light Saber Using a Pool Noodle

How to make light saber pool noodles

Start with a pool noodle and cut it in half. You can make 2 light sabers out of each pool noodle. The you use silver, black, and orange tape to create the handle.

Silver orange and black duct tape

Wrap three pieces of tape around one end of the noodle so they create the silver part of the handle. Then add a thin black strip of tape to both ends of the silver handle. Then add 2 strips of tape along the length of the handle. Make a button by putting a square of orange tape on top of two pieces of black tape in the center of the handle between the two black vertical lines of tape.

Light sabers made out of pool noodles are the perfect party favor for any Star Wars themed party. Add them to your list of Star Wars Birthday Parties Ideas

Our son loved his party. He enjoyed all the decorations, food, and fun. But most importantly he was surrounded by friends and family celebrating his special day in a very special way. I hope you can use our ideas for your Star Wars Birthday Parties.

Star Wars Gift Ideas

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Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker

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3D Illusion Star Wars Night Light

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Star Wars Boys’ Saber Rise T-Shirt

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Disney Boys’ Star Wars 5 Pack No Show Socks

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