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Niagara Falls things to do in NY

These are the Things to do in Niagara Falls, NY.

Do you remember the day you tried to hold your breath? You sucked in as much air as possible. You were sure it would be enough. You prepared your mind and body for the greatest feat on Earth only to have that feat last for seconds not minutes and then the air escaped like it does when you blow up a balloon and let it go. It flies around the room and your eyes can barely follow the excitement. They want to make sense of the pattern. They want to figure out how it works but they can’t because you are filled with the same wonder, joy, and excitement that comes with laughing so hard your sides ache.


That joy, wonder, and excitement were my reaction to Niagara Falls and the reasons I suggest you FALL. I couldn’t focus on any one part. All of my senses were awaken the sheer joy of the beauty surrounding me were humbling. The mist touched my face. The roar of the water moving over the rocks and the vibration of the Earth under my feet were coupled with the beauty that only nature could paint. The awe I felt the smallness as we sank in front of the greatest, most powerful, and most inspiring places on Earth.

Niagara River

I just breathed. I didn’t mean to suck in my breath. I closed my eyes. I opened them again. I began to hold onto the railing as I climbed through the mist. I was a part of the fall and this experience became part of me.

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We walked the park and then we went on the Maiden of the Mist boat tour. The experiences of walking near the Fall and being on a boat were both different but necessary. I wanted to get closer to be a part of the falls. We had plenty of fun while wearing our fashionable “plastic gear.”


I can’t express how wonder meets awe but I can say the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is Niagara Falls.

I would like to add during my time near Buffalo New York. We were treated to a dinner at Becker Farms. It is a lovely venue to have an event or to take your family to pick fruit or gather your best pumpkin. Oh, and the doughnuts and fudge were wonderful.


I would like to thank Travel Media Showcase for hosting an event and for the wonderful accommodations I received at The DoubleTree Hotel. I loved my suite but I did come home a little waterlogged from all my spa-like baths!


things to do in niagara falls ny

What are some things to do in Niagra Falls, NY that you suggest?
If you are in upstate New York I suggest the journey to Dutchess County, New York.

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