How to Keep Your Kids Entertained during Summer Break

Summer break.

For many those two words can be pretty intimidating. It leads to hearing that your kids are bored (repeatedly) and they have been off of school for all of 10 hours if you are lucky. Summer doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you. Keeping kids entertained through the summer months is very easy with these fun activities to do in summer vacation.

We all know how fast kids get bored when they're at home. Read my tips on how to keep your kids entertained during the summer break.

How to keep the kids entertained during summer break

What to do in summer vacation at home 

Ideas for summer activities for kids

1. Get Outside

This seems like a pretty simple idea but, these days many kids would rather hang out in the air conditioning with video games or a tablet. With as humid as it has been I can’t say I blame them but, the best way to beat the humidity is with water play. These days you can find so many cool sprinklers but, this one is one of our favorites.

Another favorite of ours are slip n slides for the older kids and water tables for the smaller kids.

Tidal Storm Hydro Swirl Spinning Sprinkler Outdoor Toy

Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Pretty Petals Flower Sprinkler Toy With Hose Attachment

2. Yard Games

Yard Games are an easy way to keep the older kids (and even yourselves) entertained for quite a while. Ladder ball and Corn Hole can both be made as simple or as difficult as you would like so everyone can play. We even let the 2 year old play these ones with us!

Spikeball 3 Ball Game Set

Elite Outdoor Kids Games – Ring Toss Games For Kids

Wham-O Mini Frisbee Golf Disc Indoor and Outdoor Toy Set

3. Clear Nights

On clear nights, we head outside and gaze at the stars. This is done in two different ways depending on our time frame. Sometimes we pull out a blanket and just lay down and look at them. Other nights, we pull out our telescope  which is a lot like this one and give the kids a chance to check out the stars up close along with whatever planets may be around.

4. Rainy Days

Rainy Days may call for everyone to be indoors and that poses a whole new challenge but, they don’t have to.

5. Fun Easy Summer Crafts

These craft kits  can be very helpful in this case. These come with all the necessary materials needed to create the projects. Many of them, the kids can do by themselves with little effort from you. You can even find craft kits for toddlers!

Felt Rainbow Unicorn Cushion Sewing Kits for Children

Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – Science Kit for Kids


ALEX Toys Artist Studio Sidewalk Mandala – Sweet Stuff

6. Summer Activity Books   

When my 7 year old is on the brink of drivin me crazy, I remind myself that she is most likely bored. That is when I tell her to pull out her activity books. Puzzle books like this onewith a mixture different types of puzzles are her favorite ones.

This goes for our two year old as well. One of his favorites is this one for learning colors, shapes and numbers.

8. Cook with your kids

Cooking with your kids can benefit them in so many ways. It teaches them life skills that they will need as they get older and it is a great time for bonding . Kids cook books make it easy to allow them to take the lead in the kitchen. With these recipes there is usually just a few ingredients with very easy to follow directions. 

9. Movie Days

Movie days are our go-to after a few busy days outside or, when the rain hits. Everyone needs to relax sometimes too! Kids movies play frequently in our house. Rainy days aren’t the only occasion but, they do make up quite a bit of our movie days.

These are just a few of our tricks to help the summer run as smoothly as possible.

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