How to Not Spend Money

How to Not Spend Money

How to Not Spend Money?

The answer on how to not spend money is to Reprioritize.

How important is that next vacation? Does it have to be an island getaway? Isn’t the greater goal of a vacation to reconnect to yourself, your family, and what is really important. So why couldn’t vacation be in town seeing all the things that you always said you would take your kids to see, but never did?

What about that new bag or shoes? Why not ask a friend if they want to trade bags with you or get a good pair of shoes resoled?

What about that premium cable package? Look into cutting out cable and getting Apple TV or Roku. Same with your phone plan. Shop around.

Think back to 10 years ago. How did you waste so much time and money? What do you think you’re going to be thinking 10 years from now? But be so important that you had the newest phone or the deluxe cable package? How many times of people told you that your kids grow up quickly the time flies by before you know it? Doesn’t high school feel like it just happened? When you get anything to go back 10 years and save some of that money and time? Wouldn’t you be glad that you were a little bit inconvenienced?

How important are your marriage and family? When talking about reprioritizing, keep in mind that one of the major reasons marriage fails is communication. One of the biggest places communication starts to break down and talking about money. For some reason, when it comes to money issues most couples tend to clam up. A couple that can work together to set goals and raise their family up to another level by spending more time together is more likely to succeed. When you don’t stick to your plan that you set out to achieve, communication starts to break down. That’s when her resentment creeps in and miscommunication can take place. That’s when he begins to look at her and wonder what is he working so hard for. That is where kids learn the value of money.

How to not spend money is everyone’s question but by reprioritizing and setting your mind into your goal you can definitely succeed in saving your hard earned money.

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