Last Minute Gift Ideas

Tips Tuesday: Last Minute Gift Ideas

Are you in search of last minute Christmas gift ideas? Unexpected guests or last minute party invitations can send anyone into a holiday tailspin but you don’t have to worry. These simple Last Minute Gift Ideas will help you keep your holiday spirit and give last minute holiday gifts that everyone will still like.

Here are our last minute gift ideas suggestions:

Online Christmas Gift Ideas

Amazon Gift Cards – you can print them, email them and even deliver them via Facebook

XBox Live or Playstation Plus Membership , Electronic delivery available

Kindle eBooks — Make Sure to pick the Give as a Gift Option

Cheap Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Hand Scrub

Lip Scrub

Foot Scrub

Body Scrub

Foaming Bath Salts

Cranberry and White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Handmade Coupon Booklet with coupons specific to the person receiving.

Examples: Get out of 1 Chore, Dinner of your Choice, 1 Free Night of Babysitting 

From the Drug Store

Gift Cards – many stores carry American Express, Visa or Master Card and an assortment of stores and restaurants.

Make Your Own Candy Bouquet with Holiday Candy from the Holiday Aisle.

Holiday Wreath or Decorations

Make a Make Up Gift Jar  or some stores sell Make-Up Collections at the holidays.

Nail Pampering Basket

Perfume or Cologne


Scented Lotions and Body Wash

From the Grocery Store

Gift Cards – many grocery stores carry more than gift cards to their stores.

Krogers gives you extra rewards if you buy Gift Cards for stores or restaurants from Krogers.

Wine or Favorite Liquor


Boxed Chocolate

Hot Chocolate or Specialty Coffee and Coffee Mugs, don’t forget the marshmallows

From the Gas Station

 Lottery Tickets

 Gas Gift Cards

 Wine or Favorite Liqour

More of my top Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas:

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 Do you have any last minute gift ideas suggestions? Feel free to share your ideas below.