Make $100 today Managing your Debt

Did you know that you can easily make $100 today just by managing your debts? Read my post to find out how.

How can you make $100 today? That makes no sense right? The best way to make money is to not spend money right? When I buy something and I do not have cash, I look at the actual cost. It helps me put it back unless I really need it. That is one of the ways I got out of debt. I became debt free. I paid attention to what I was spending.

This is how you will make $100 today. You will spend less. How you ask?

You should have completed your budget by now. If you didn’t read and complete it. >>> How to live without debt

Then you were asked to write your goal in this post >>> Ways to resolve debt

Once you have done that I shared how to reduce stress to reduce debt.

Now, I will tell you how to make at least $100 today.

You will pull out your budget. The one you made using your calendar. >>> How to save money by using a calendar

You see all those places you spend money. You will start to call them. The first one I start with is my car insurance. If you haven’t bought a new car. You should be able to reevaluate the value of your car insurance. This should save you at least $20 may be a year and perhaps a month. I just did this, and I knocked $150 off my yearly bill. I literally looked at my miles on my car to see how much I have traveled. Then I can be honest about my usage of my car/ cars. We pay tax on our cars in Virginia so I look at what I spent last year on tax on my cars and I start saving toward that bill. I save 5% less so my cars will depreciate. I put that on my spreadsheet.

The next place I save is on my internet and cable. I called around to find the best deal. I realized by bundling my cable and internet I saved $30 a month. That is $360 a year.

Then I called my cell phone company to figure out if there is a better plan for our actual usage. I didn’t know they offered a veteran discount so I submitted our documentation and I will receive a $40 a month credit. That means I saved $480 a year. I also lowered my husband’s plan since he uses his work phone. That saved me $10 a month or $120 a year. It will take some time to see the $40 credit, but I got the paperwork started. I also had a phone that needed to be paid off so I paid the remaining $40 so that would lower my bill going forward by $10 a month. I honestly forgot to pay it off after I bought the phone then I got used to paying. If you buy the phone and let it go on your bill for a month and then pay it off in full it is cheaper than paying it off in full at the time of purchase. I am not sure why now because my brain isn’t working but I normally buy a phone let the cell phone company charge me the installment the first month and then I pay in full.

The next thing I did was call the company that charges me to rent my propane tank at $99 a year. I told them after 14 years I have more than paid for it and I requested a lower price. They are checking back with me. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

I found that my water bills were absurd at almost $200 a month and my power bills averaged $300 a month. That prompted me to start researching a water barrel and the cost to insulate our room over the garage and add its own heating/ air conditioning unit. It may cost money now but we intend to live in our house for at least 10 more years so it would be worth the investment. I will also call the water company to see if there is a leak or if they are just dispensing liquid gold. (I had both bills set to auto pay out of my husband’s account so I didn’t know until yesterday what we were paying when I went and looked at all his accounts for my year in review.) I am also looking into solar panels.

I actually project what we will spend and then I see if I am close to my projection.

I want to know who you called and what you saved today? Do you also intend to invest in something that may save money over time?

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