Smart Money Saving Tips to Control Your Debt

Smart Money Saving Tips are a must when you are working to live on less than $30,000 per year.  It’s easy to manage to get your debt under control when you use our great tips.

Smart money saving tips to get your debt under control.


Smart money saving tips to get your debt under control

What is the best way to tackle a mountain? Face it head on! Your financial freedom is your own personal Everest. Break it down and tackle it one step at time. Get your budget together. Cut out your reckless spending. Make a list if your bills and handle them one at a time based on how it is impacting your bottom line. Get your hands on your credit report and start scrubbing. Make your own calls to collectors and figure out what you can do to get your debt taken care of. It is scary. No one wants to admit they can’t pay for things the bought because they “needed” them. There are options out there if you are willing to try to fix it. Companies want you to fix it. They want to help you. You must be organized and committed though.

You could buy a box of envelopes, stamps, and blank checks and write out payments of $10 every month to everyone. On the first of the month every month you mail them out. You will need to keep good notes and hold yourself accountable. Keep a debt calendar or spreadsheet. There are apps out there!  This is a great one  Military Savings App. Find the one that is right for you. Be realistic with what you can pay and pay it faithfully. Shop around for better rates. Maybe your loyalty to a brand can be bought out by another company and lower your bill? Maybe after you bring down the payments on credit cards your can be consolidated? Here are 5 tips to lower Car insurance, warranty packages, health and fitness, daycare, mortgages, and student loans can all be shopped around for. Do your homework. This is your business. It is hard, but if you can get out of debt now and save your money, the important things in life can get the attention they deserve. Isn’t that the point?

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