How to Keep Energy Costs Down During the Summer

Opening up the utility bills in the heat of summer here in Southern states can be gut wrenching.  Using our tips for How To Keep Energy Costs Down During The Summer will make your utility costs manageable regardless of where you live!

Energy Costs: Learn How to Keep Energy Costs Down During the Summer with our great tips that are part of how we live on $30,000 or less per year!

How to Keep Energy Costs Down During the Summer

The temperature is rising outside and so are your energy costs. Here are five tips that can help you beat wasting your hard-earned money on keeping your house cool which leaves you more money to be spent on things like ice cream in time to make memories with your family.How to Keep Energy Costs Down During the Summer

Don’t cheap out on changing your air filters. Surprisingly easy to do, and surprisingly easy to forget. Mark it on your calendar. Not only is it best for you and your family’s health, it is best for your wallet.

Set your thermostat and use your fans! Thermostats being set at 78 degrees when you are home should lower your bill 10-15%. Also, did you know that there are two settings on your fan to control the direction the air is being circulated? One way is best for the cooler air being pushed up in summer and the other is good for pushing the warmer heat down in winter.

Run your appliances in the evening and try to use smaller appliances when possible. It may seem like an old wives tale, but running your appliances during the heat of the day makes your air conditioner work even harder to cool the house down. The same goes for larger appliances like ovens and dishwashers. Use the microwave and hand wash during the day if possible.

Speaking of your appliances, check your refrigerator and freezer temperature. Your ideal temperature for your refrigerator should be between 37° and 40° and 5° for your freezer. Any colder and it’s money wasted. It also wouldn’t hurt to fill in the empty space in your freezer with water bottles or ice packs. They will help keep your food colder and not make your freezer work as hard to stay cold.

And lastly, check to find where money is literally leaking out of your house. Insulation and weatherstripping can help save you a ton. The materials to not cost much and there are plenty of YouTube videos out there on how to DIY seal up your house to not let your “bought air” escape. There is no excuse to take the steps necessary to save money on energy costs.

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