Dating on a Budget Ideas

Dating on a Budget Ideas

Dating on a Budget Ideas

In a previous article I mentioned alimony and child support being immovable parts of a budget, thus preventative measures need to be taken to keep that cost from occurring. Money talk can be the source of a lot of stress within a couple. Finding ways to facilitate healthy discussions about finances is important to getting on the same page and executing a family financial plan. There are great communication facilitators out there. A favorite of mine is “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. Important understand the way that everyone in your family communicates and also to understand the way that you communicate in order to work through big issues towards a common goal. Try not to let money and issues surrounding it not be one of the reasons that your relationship “doesn’t make it”. You don’t need money to make a relationship work any time and commitment. There are plenty of great Dating on a Budget Ideas for ways to strengthen your relationship and connect to your partner that do not involve spending money that you can’t afford to spend. What is the point in an expensive, romantic night out if it’s going to cost you down the line in ways that are deeper than your pockets?

Here’s some great Dating on a Budget Ideas to get you started:

– Board game or puzzle night… So many possibilities! You could play classic games from your childhood and tell stories that will only help deepen your relationship, or you could find a fun new game it is sure to make you laugh! Games like chess and checkers are always fun as well. A twist on game night could also be renting a new video game to play if you have a system already. I know that our Wii his sat dormant for the last five years since we had children! There are plenty of new games that can easily be rented from places like Redbox, Netflix, or Game Fly.

– Teach each other how to do something new that the other one is good at. Can you bake cookies really well? Can he play guitar? Find something that your partner has an interest in that you don’t know much about and let them try and show you why it is so interesting to them. You might be surprised at how much you like it!

– Make up questions to ask each other. What do you know about his childhood pets? What would you like to know about her scariest memory as a child? What is a crazy Spring break memory? What did you want to be when you grew up? You’ll never win the newlywed game if you don’t know every little secret about each other!

Date nights don’t have to be expensive. They have to be thoughtful. Spending money is not a way to show another person that you care. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place where money should be spent, date night is not that place. Date night is meant to connect you to your partner and refresh your relationship. Money can act as a Band-Aid in a lot of ways. Once you get real about money and your relationship, you might find that you don’t need your Band-Aids anymore. Here’s a great list of Dating on a Budget Ideas with even more Stay at Home Date Ideas!

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