Valentines Day Love Notes

Cheap Valentines Day Gift: Love Notes

Are you looking for a gift idea for Valentine’s Day but are short on cash? Here is a great gift that will show someone special just how much you care about them while maintaining a budget!

Here is what you will need:

  • Jar/Box
  • Paper
  • Pencil

The idea behind this gift is to tell that person all the little things that you love about them. You can alter this gift however you want to make it more personal. You can use a jar, a box or anything that can hold pieces of paper.

If you want to make it nice, take the time to decorate the jar or box. I suggest using pictures or memories of your relationship.

Next, get a sheet of paper and start writing down all of the things you love about that person. List your favorite qualities or share some of your favorite memories.

This is a great gift if you have a long distance relationship. Take the time to write 365 things that you love about that person, so that they can open one every day that you are not there.

You do not have to do 365 of them, you could do as many as you like! That is the great about this Valentine’s Day gift, you can make it personal while not spending any money!

Thanks to Adeline from Frugal Fanatic for this Valentines Day project!

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