Fun Things to do on Valentines Day when You’re on a Budget

Fun Things to do on Valentines Day when you’re on a budget

Valentine’s Day is one of those days that you either love or hate. When you were young child you either loved receiving a ton of cards in your box or you dreaded opening your box to see if you got any. As a teenager you either loved of the spectacle surrounding the new feelings you were experiencing or all you felt was angst about the entire mess that is adolescence/young adulthood. In your 20s Valentine’s Day can mean so many things depending on where you’re at on your journey. By the time you are a parent it can take on a whole new life. The roles of “Husband” and “Wife” are now blurry with the roles of “Father” and “Mother”. After many years together it can also be difficult to think of something new and exciting to show that you care. The cynical view that some corporation is just trying to get you to use your hard earned money to buy love and affection practically has you wearing a tin foil hat. Inevitably, this once intimate occasion has now become a Pinterest nightmare.

In an effort to keep your budget on track and save your sanity let’s go back to the basics: K.I.S.S. Not the kind you are thinking of.

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

Please don’t do it. The kids don’t care how cute that project is or the intricacies of a well played pun and your time and money should not be spent on trying to show them the Martha Stewart light. Of course showing affection and love are worthy of time and energy, but those perfect Pinterest pins are not the way to do it.

A handmade card (preferably using sweet little hands for art), a couple of carefully selected chocolates, or some coupons for special time together or services rendered clipped and presented in a cute simple mason jar are a great way to tell them you love them. Use your time to find a way to show them exactly how you feel. Write them a letter. Encourage your children to hand write a personal note to each class mate on (gasp!) store bought cards (that were preferably on clearance the year before and saved for this year). If you want to spend money on a token of your affection, don’t waste it on flowers (though a single flower is a nice touch). Think of something that will be appreciated as a sign of your love for more than just the one day that is set aside exclusively for expressing it. This should not be a holiday manufactured to make you spend money to tell someone you love them… It should be a holiday that reminds us all that the greatest gift of all is love.

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