Healthy Living While Living Under $30,000

Healthy Living While Living Under $30,000

Healthy Living While Living Under $30,000

Living a frugal lifestyle by living healthier?

Is it possible that living frugally and being healthier go hand in hand? They sure do! Being frugal doesn’t mean living on less. It means making smarter decisions with what you have, including healthy living. Here are three big ways to live a healthier lifestyle while keeping your budget in shape:

Healthy Living While Living Under $30,000

Drop the gym! The weight of your bill from gym membership will probably outweigh the weight it can take off of your body. There are so many free ways to work out. Play tag with your kids for half an hour at the park. Talk about some cardio! Do 30 day challenges. Check out Pinterest for great ideas on how to get started on some awesome workouts. What about YouTube? There are plenty of free workout classes on YouTube available to you anytime, day or night. What’s even better is you don’t have to change out of your yoga pants or brush your teeth to go to the gym right there in your living room! Get creative, it will keep working out interesting.

Switch to water. This sounds simple, but cutting juice and soda out of your life will do you and your wallet a ton of good. Not only will you see incredible health benefits by cutting out unnecessary sugars from your diet, you will see incredible benefits to your bank account too. Why not try cold brewing iced coffee or tea at home? What about making your own juices or sodas with recipes like this sparkling watermelon lemonade? There are plenty of other things to drink that will taste just as good and cost so much less that your body will thank you for.

Girl/Guys Night Out? Happy hour can be not-so-happy on your budget. For most people the idea of a perfect guys night out or girls night out is at a bar with good food, good drinks, good music, and good friends. How about rethinking that idea? Have you considered a night out at a tea house with your girlfriends or playing basketball with the guys instead of hitting up a bar? This is an all around better quality way to nurture your friendships, your finances, and your health.

Frugal living is about more than the cheapest alternative to any situation. It is about living smarter so you don’t work harder. Rethink the way you look at health as a priority in your life and you will reap the benefits in more ways than one.

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