What to Buy for a Slow Cooker

What to Buy for a Slow Cooker

I was drowning in motherhood. I could barely tell you what day it was. I felt like a failure not like F on a test but the kind of failure that hurts long after the next test. I couldn’t ball up my failure and throw it in the garbage. I had to live with it.

I was a great mother. I fed my baby, stayed up all night caring for the baby, tried to work to provide income for my family with my blog I  Make Money Blogging.   

I was failing as a wife. You see my husband would come home from work and he would have to look for food. I can’t tell you how bad I felt that he was eating PB and J for dinner or cereal. I decided I could fix that. I could learn to cook and be a mom and work. I just needed a tool. I bought a Crockpot and I bought the Pressure Cooker XL. 

Why? I could meal plan on Sunday when my husband was home and then every night put our dinner in either the Crockpot or the Pressure Cooker XL. 

It would make my life easier. I would feel better and frankly, if I had another bowl of cereal I would flip out. You know the kind of flip out with the mascara running down your face.

After I bought my Crockpot I wondered what else I would need.

What to Buy for A Slow Cooker

Slow cooker I have. but I love this one

I love these liners they are the best!


Cooking rack

A traveling crockpot bag is a must!

I love these forks to pull my pork.


I use this all the time to mash food up!

This mixer is under $20 and I use it all the time.

This is a must have!!!

For under $10 bucks this meat thermometer do not risk your health eating food that isn’t cooked.

These are some of my favorite slow cooker recipes

Soups that Freeze Well

Soups that freeze well

Slow Cooker Recipes

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The truth is that you need the right tools, attitude and a plan to make dinner happen. I found the answer to my anxiety in crockpot and meals that I could make ahead. I hope these Crockpot tools are also helpful in your journey to making dinner easier.

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